Top 5 Tips For Make Strong And Loving Relationships


Getting into a relationship is not an achievement, staying in one is. A healthy relationship not only makes you feel good but also improves your mental, physical and emotional health. Every relationship needs both partners to invest time and effort towards making is strong and loving.

Credit: Shammi & Sarah Reay-Young

Here are a few tips that can be applied to strengthen relationships between boyfriend and girlfriend as well as married couples.

Love Yourself

No relationship can succeed unless you first love yourself and accept yourself with all your strengths and short comings. It’s an amazing feeling to feel loved by a girlfriend or boyfriend but for a relationship to be strong it has to be based on a foundation of self love. Loving yourself gives you a positive outlook to life and helps you see your relationship in a positive light.

Address core issues

Every relationship has its ups and downs but it is the way a couple looks at a disagreement that strengthens or weakens their love. Instead of starting a blame game, take time to introspect and find the source of the problem. Addressing the base issue will not only ensure you don’t fight about it again but will also give you a more mature understanding of your partner.


Communication is the thread that holds all relationships together. It is important both to honestly voice your thoughts as well as listen attentively to your partner at all times. Pay special attention to non verbal cues and understand your boyfriend or girlfriend’s body language. If you’ve been together for a long time you may assume that you know how your partner thinks but people are constantly changing and evolving. In this process their thoughts and needs change so instead of assuming things, talk to your partner.

Let Go of Expectations

Expectations can make a loving relationship go downhill. Each of us has a different way of expressing ourselves and our love. For example, you may view gifts as a sign of love, while your partner may like to use words to express his love. Don’t expect your relationship to be mushy forever and a replica of your favorite movie.

Spend Quality Time Together

Sitting in the same room but engrossed in your own worlds is not called spending time together. Spend quality time together by taking up an activity together or learning something together. Even something as simple as walking around the city together can help strengthen your relationship. Find ways to surprise your loved one and build a stronger connection to them.



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