Top 5 Tips for Weight Loss


The weight loss field is full of myths concerning strategies on how to lose weight. Many people are always being advised to do all crazy things in order to lose weight, most of which have no evidence to prove its validity.

These existing misconceptions about weight loss have therefore pushed scientist to do more research and hence have come up with the following tips to weight loss:

1.Drink plenty of water

It is recommended that you drink water especially before meals. Drinking water can boost metabolism by 30% within a period of 1.5 hours, helping you burn off more calories. It has been proved that drinking half liter of water one hour before meals will help you eat fewer calories and lose more weight. Drinking enough water also helps you stay hydrated the whole day and also plays a major role in leading you to take fewer calories. Nutritionists also recommend that you drink ice cold water since it will help boost your metabolic rate since the body will have to work harder to warm the ice cold water up, therefore, burning excess calories in the process and hence help you in weight loss

2.Include eggs in your breakfast

Nutritionists recommend that you should try replacing grain-based breakfast with eggs since it will help you reduce your calories intake and lose weight and also lose more body fat. Whole eggs plays a major role in helping you lose weight since it is a source of quality protein which is essential for your weight loss. Eating eggs for breakfast makes you fill full for a longer period hence you eat less at your next meals and therefore reducing your calories intake.

3.Always eat healthy food

You should always keep healthy found around so that in case you get hungry you can take it and hence preventing you from eating unhealthy food. You can choose to carry a few snacks that are light and portable and are simple to prepare. You can also include nuts, carrots or yogurt.

4.Engage in aerobic exercise and extra workouts

This is an excellent way of burning calories and also improves your physical and mental health. Engaging yourself in various workouts particularly helps you lose the belly fat which would otherwise cause metabolic disease. You can also choose to engage in weight lifting which is essential in keeping your metabolism high and prevents you from losing your amazing muscle mass. Therefore, engaging in such resistance exercises will prove critical in your quest to losing weight.

5.Eat high protein diet

Nutritionists recommend that you eat more proteins since it is important when it comes to weight loss. High protein diet boosts metabolism by more than 80% calories per day. It also helps you feel satiated hence you eat more few calories per day. Therefore, eating proteins is one of the easiest way of losing weight fast. You could choose proteins that are rich in nutrients and lower saturated in calories such as; seafood, beans, soy, nuts and eggs.

In summary, the above tips to lose weight if put in practice will enable you live a comfortable and enjoyable life without any problems of health and fitness.



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