Top 3 Things Causes Air Pollution


Do you know how air pollution is hazardous to all living creatures? Well, you may wonder why this is so, but the truth is that air pollution causes health risks like heart disease.








Nowadays, air pollution has been one of the main problem which is caused by most human activities like manufacturing. It is pretty obvious that in the modern world, there are many different actions that can pollute air. Some of them may be natural ways like volcanic eruptions, wildfires and pollen dispersal. These are just a few but in real sense, there are other major causes of air pollution.

Take a look at the 3 main activities that result in air pollution:


As stated earlier, emissions from industries or any other company that emit smoke and fumes in the air has been the major cause of air pollution. Most industries are known to emit very bad chemicals and carbon monoxide into the air and this has a great effect to all living things especially humans. The common processes that pollute the air include; mining, waste disposal from gas production and all petroleum refineries. In addition, there are also radioactive waste that is released to the atmosphere and it really causes serious health complications, although this rarely happens. It vigilant to note that the dangerous emissions are not healthy.


Apart from the exhaust from the manufacturing activities, there is another cause of air pollution from automobile emissions. This is generally from all transportation services which are common in present activities. There are all the hazardous carbon monoxide, sulfur and other burning of fossil fuels compounds released from cars or any transport vessel that uses fuel. It is good to know that one can reduce emission of bad fuel compounds through a smog check- up of your vehicle. This will greatly protect the atmosphere hence preventing ordinary asthma that is triggered by air pollution.On the other hand, there is fuel combustion of coal and gasoline and they discharge pollutants into the environment.


Despite the fact that industries and automobile emissions pollute the atmosphere, there is also the farm chemicals that are used for agriculture and they pollute air while they are sprayed. Some of them are insecticide and also pesticide products and they have been the most common causes of air pollution.

It is thoughtful to note that all waste products that are emitted into the air pollutes the surroundings and thus creating health risks to people lives and generally to all living creatures.


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