3 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas


Marriage proposals are a once in a lifetime experience and hence you should make sure that it is an unforgettable experience for both of you involved.

While there are classic choices like slipping the ring in a glass of champagne in some fancy restaurant or going down in one knee in a beautiful park, it will be best if you do something out of the box. Some unique marriage proposals are:

1.SELECT A NON TRADITIONAL GIFT: Maximum people propose to their lady with the same old traditional ring. Although there are plenty of women who are super excited about the prospect of getting a beautiful ring as the engagement present, there are also many women who are not crazy about jewelry. There are so many other great alternatives like a new car, a beautiful piece of art or an expensive apartment. Giving something you made with your own hands is also a great idea. Not everyone is fond of expensive and luxurious gifts, a handmade object makes it more special.
2. A SKYDIVING PROPOSAL: If both of you like to live on the edge, then there is nothing better than a sky diving marriage proposal. It is one of the most unique ways to propose and will definitely surprise her. Nothing can be as crazy as proposing in mid air. However,this is not for everyone. Only adventurous couples should try this out. Also, this is a kind of a public proposal. Everyone within that radius will be able to see it. There are many adventure sports companies who will arrange everything for you. They will also provide you with photographers who will be ready to capture the entire proposal. Also, you can only make her do the skydiving while you wait on the ground and decorate the space with beautiful roses. While landing, she will be able to see ” MARRY ME” written on the landing ground with beautiful roses.
3. FLASH MOB PROPOSAL: Flash Mob is another unique way to propose. Arrange some dancers and make sure that you also learn some moves. It is better to choose romantic spots like parks or any popular tourist spot. Select the favorite song of your love or some romantic song and prepare a dance sequence full of energy and action. You can also include some of your friends or family members in the dance. After a performance that is sure to delight, just pop the question. It will completely catch her by surprise and will be an unforgettable experience for both of you.



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