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3 Mistakes People Make In Their Relationships

There are relationships mistakes that people tend to make with their spouses. However, there are some uncommon ones, which people tend to make as...

3 Reasons People Often Stay Single

One thing that is constant with time is change. The way we do many things continue to change. Sometimes it's deliberately and sometimes the...

Watch Champion Swimmer Surprise Marriage Proposal

Love is a beautiful feeling more so when it is true and mutual to both parties.it is something many people would want to have...

3 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage proposals are a once in a lifetime experience and hence you should make sure that it is an unforgettable experience for both of...

5 Tips For Dividing Assets and Property During Divorce

For many divorcing couples, dividing property, such as residential house, furniture, car, can be a very difficult process. Anything you owned before the marriage,...

Do Young Couples Need Privacy From Each Other ?

Marriage is a beautiful institution and probably one of the most important that any adult could have. To have a successful marriage, one needs...

10 Reasons To Get Married

Getting married is a big decision in one’s life. Marriage means you are being committed to one individual for life. Knowing the reasons why...

10 Things women just don’t do anymore these days !

Times have changed and people have changed too, particularly women. Fifty or sixty years ago, dating and marriage went down quite differently. Women were...

Top 5 Signs It’s Time To Break Up

Relationships between men and women are an important part of life. Men and women need relationships in order to find companionship, friendship, marriage, physical attraction...

Top 5 Things You Can Do to Make Her Happy

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard friends say the love and romance has gone out of their relationship or marriage. My...

20 Ways To Build A Happy And Long Marriage

Having a happy and long marriage appears to be elusive for more than half the population. With the divorce rates increasing each year, it...

What Things Should Couples Never Say During A Fight?

Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling. Whether you are dating someone, or you are married, it is a blessing to have someone...