Fast and Easy Methods for Peeling Garlic


Peeling garlic is not a day at the park for most cooks because it can be very time consuming. Garlic has an unmistakable smell that is not pleasant or appealing to some people. There are several different ways that garlic can be peeled.

Whether you are head chef at a well-known restaurant or the best cook at home, you probably know how to use a knife to crush and peel many cloves of garlic. If you are like some chefs, you may draw a blank about preparing garlic for a recipe that yields a whole bulb of garlic or more. For answers, many people look to life hack for more information. Kitchen life hack can be used for tips on this subject matter.

The Traditional Method

Some people wonder how peeling garlic using this method is beneficial. As far as it being beneficial, it still gets the job done. When it comes to the traditional method, garlic needs to be broken down into cloves which includes the whole bulb.

Next you need to place the cloves on a cutting board. At this time, most people decide to remove the root and end of each clove.

Now you can complete the fun part. Using a large knife, lay it flat on the clove, and press down firmly on the knife to flatten the clove which will crush it.

Once you have done this, the skin of the clove tears which makes peeling a lot easier. One factor that you should keep in mind is not to use a ceramic knife. These knives are great for other things, but crushing garlic is not one of them. Ceramic knives can break easily because they are not as sturdy as other knives.


The Water Method

The water method is probably the simplest method that can be used to peel garlic. For some people, this method may be a little time consuming, but like the other methods, it gets the job done. For the water method, let the garlic soak in cold water for 6-7 minutes. The garlic needs to be submerged in the water in order for this technique to work as it should.Next you will remove the garlic from the water, cut off both ends, and peel the garlic by hand.


The Shake Trick

The shake trick is one life trick that many people never forget. It’s a lot of fun and less time consuming than the traditional method. What’s the method behind the trick? The shake trick allows you to bruise the garlic clove so the skin can be removed easily. This is a perfect process to use when you are cooking a recipe that requires one dozen heads or more. The shake trick can be used for smaller amounts, but the traditional method may have better results.

To do the shake trick, you need to break the head of garlic into cloves. When you have done this, place the cloves into a large container that has a sealable, air tight lid. Make sure that the container is a lot larger than the amount of cloves you have so you can get the best results.

Now the shaking part comes in. Once you have the container sealed, shake it for 15-35 seconds. After you have completed this, the cloves and the paper should come off without too much of a hassle.

If you shook the garlic for the allotted amount of time, and the cloves are still posing a problem, place the lid back on the container, and shake again, but this time, more vigorously. This usually completes the job, but if not, shake again until you are satisfied with the results.



Martha Stewart’s Method

Martha Stewart is known for her awesome cooking, decorating, and other skills. She has a quick and easy method for just about everything that makes everyday life easier. As you probably figured, Martha Stewart has a method for peeling garlic.

To use this method, place a whole head of garlic into a bowl. You will need two bowls that are the same size.

Putting one bowl on top of the other,shake your self-made container for 16-30 seconds, and you have peeled garlic! This method is similar to the shake method, but using metal bowls makes all of the difference in the world.

Here are a few different techniques that you can use to help you peel the garlic effortlessly. Each of these methods have been proven to work, but some methods may be more effective than others.



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