10 Foods That Make You Poop Easy


Several things make us not to be able to poop easily or rather properly. Dehydration-this refers to lack of enough water in the body or insufficient water in the body. Lack of dietary fiber-fiber helps in reducing constipation by making the stool bulk. Low levels of magnesium,stress of anxiety and prescription drugs such as antibiotics.

1. Water


along with getting regular exercise and fiber, taking enough water is one of the most important factors to relieve constipation.Water plays a critical role in helping stool move through the colon easily.The colon main role is the re absorption of water. If you are dehydrated,your stool will be more difficult to pass.You are recommended to take 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.


2. Flax seeds

A tablespoon of flax seeds contain two grams of fiber.They are easy to throw into daily’s fiber punch.You should not eat flax seeds whole since your body cannot digest them and therefore will pass through your body without giving you any nutrients.Take them as per-ground or throw them into coffee.


3. Oranges

take a big juicy orange since these fruits offers four grams of fiber for just eighty six calories.These fruits contains flavonol called naringenin that can act as a laxative.


4. Oatmeal

half a cup of dry oats has two grams of both soluble and insoluble fiber.Insoluble fiber adds bulk to stool helping food pass more quickly through the intestines and stomach.Soluble fiber on the other hand dissolves in water forming gel-like material.These two bulk up stool and then softens it making it easier to pass through.


5. Rice

A research by the Japanese reveals that forty one percent of people who take rice lower chances of being constipated.The brown rice offers the most fiber and offers 4 grams per cup as compared to white which offers only one.


6. Spinach

Spinach that is well cooked contains four grams pf fiber and is also a source of magnesium.This mineral helps the colon to contract thus helping it ti draw water that is used to flush matter through.


7. Beans

Beans contain starch.They contain a fiber like starch that helps improving the transit time in the colon.It acts as a mild laxative that helps balance bacteria inn the GI tract.Eating cooled beans for example in a salad increases the resistant starch.


8. Green Beans

in case the traditional beans are too tough for you,try green beans.They are lower than traditional beams in carbs and protein but they contain four grams of fiber per one cup hence help in avoiding constipation.They as well contain fermented sugars and wont therefore have the gassy side effect of the regular beans.

9. Yogurt

Most yogurts taken usually contain active bacterial cultures that replenish the bacteria in yogurt.Thus helps with the entire heath of the GI system. Priobiotics, the bacterial cultures contained in yogurt helps increase the overall number of bowel movements.

10. Coffee

Coffee stimulates contractions of the muscles of the colon which therefore helps one in going to the bathroom.Coffee as well improves circulation and makes workouts more and more effective.Coffee therefore helps stimulate the movement in your colon and one is therefore advised to take a cup of coffee when they wake up.


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