Can Humans Eat Dog Food ?


A common saying in the health discipline clearly communicates to majority of humans- “Leave dog food for dogs, because you are not a dog!” This can be easily understood by putting much emphasis that dog food is not the ideal type of meal for human consumption.

This is because the process of its preparation, processing and packaging is never subjected to the same high hygienic levels as it is for human food. At the same time, majority of dog food is usually developed from leftovers and other products that may cause humans some serious health problems if digested.

You may have heard of stories where people taking dog food and claiming it’s healthier, ideal and enjoyable. Yes, this could be factual if only you are hunger stricken and you lack nothing at all to eat. A little of dog food could save you when you are in a state of hunger, but it is not food that you should prefer over human food. If you take small portion of dog food, probably you will not be faced with any serious health issues. Our concern comes when you eat too much of the same meal and you start experiencing a lot of stomach complications.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has been working in an unending debate to come up with the right parameters that clearly sets the right standards for human food and the right guidelines in a debate to prevent sickness that may come due to contaminated or any improper handling of products. For this case, the FDA seeks to measure foods in terms of accurate ingredients and nutritional contents. They seek to know the major proportions of a certain components in human foods. Research indicates that FDA does not restrict dog food to same regulations as human food, though it may have some of the basic components present in human food. The proportions of carbohydrates, protein and fats in the two types of foods are not the same and this may affect your health should you risk eating it.

The same applies to dogs being fed on some of the highly concentrated human food. Dog’s health maybe affected by proportions that are perfect for human consumption, it’s always important to observe a healthy lifestyle by selectively choosing what you digest and avoiding eating dog food. Though some proponents believe that there is nothing wrong when humans take in dog food, always remember that dog food is for the dogs; if you are human, eat what is made for human consumption.



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