Top 5 Best Foods for Flat Abs


Everyone wants to be the one carrying the perfect body shape mostly defined as a small waistline with well-defined muscles.The most effective way of attaining flat abs is through consuming clean organic foods and of course with some workout. These foods are rich in antioxidants which help to enhance your abs routine success, fiber which reduces bloat and other nutrients such as proteins which ensure a healthy metabolism.

Below are the most effective foods to assist you in getting your desired flat abs;


Not only are eggs a good source of proteins but they also contain fats and carbohydrates, these make you feel full so reducing the urge of unhealthy feeding, this significantly drops the accumulation of fat that surrounds your abs.It is recommended to eat one egg a day for those without high blood pressure it is, therefore, important to seek your doctor’s advice before following this routine because a single egg is known to contain 213 milligrams of cholesterol.


Feeding on berries enriches your body with fiber which is good because it means that you will be avoiding consuming other foods that probably would have been rich in calories, it is therefore according to experts advisable to eat 30 grams every day. Berries also contain antioxidants which boost effectiveness during workouts through ensuring a good blood flow as well as protecting one from chronic diseases.


Taking, at least, two servings a day is a good way of ensuring that one consumes vegetables, research has shown that by taking veggie soup one stands a greater chance of losing belly fat compared to those that eat snacks. It is therefore recommended to eat at least one cup of vegetable soup containing low calories and sodium every day.


Yogurt is a good source of calcium; people who consume yogurt for sodium have been noted to slimmer on their midsection. Due to the probiotic bacteria contained in the yogurt ones digestive system stays healthy and free from bloating and constipation. It is advisable to consume at least two cups of low-fat and natural yogurt daily. You could add some fruit for flavor.


An almond contains protein, vitamin Magnesium and fiber. This enables it to normalize blood sugar, create energy, inhibit starving and uphold muscle tissue. It is also an extra lean nut meaning that it has the ability of hindering calories. Almonds are surely a must have for flatter abs it is suitable to take an ounce per day.


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