3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique


Every wedding share some similar concepts that make things look so ambiguous. You can alter this by coming up with 3 perfect easy ways that will definitely make your wedding unique and a memorable one that will always remain lingering in your mind as well as a memorable experience to all your guests and family members. This may include unique dancing styles, moves and choreography that embraces change and communicates perfectly to the entire world. Your choice of music should also be up to standards because music plays a major role in bringing uniqueness in a wedding.

These are the 3 perfect ways to make your wedding unique:

1. Dancing to the music

Wedding is more of a union of two partners, at the same time people need to get entertained and get the perfect enjoyments that will offer them a reason to smile and enjoy life to the fullest. There are modern music and the old times classical music. You can choose to blend the two or go for one that will perfectly meet the class of your guests and make them dance lame to the tune of music. While it’s important to select your bride grooms party and bride maids from a list of your best friends, you can also alter this by going for those who are talented dancers. Go for friends with the perfect moves and those who will finally make all the attendants to rise up on their feet and shake their bodies. Inform them to organize a group dance that will see all the attendants, young and old coming together to celebrate your union at the reception venue. You can go for dance lessons to perfect on your moves too.

2. Plan your wedding earlier enough

If you want your wedding to be a memorable one, there is no doubt that you will have to sacrifice enough time and start planning your arrangements and putting things in place. Life offers us many choices and the common adage is to become successful by putting your things in order. Plan perfectly, meet professional wedding planners, and discuss about how wedding can be conducted in a professional and unique way, talk of the choice of music, dress style, foods to put in your menu, invitations and the venue. This will play an important role in making your wedding one of the perfect ones in the modern times.

3. Invite a Music band

While it is always expensive to have a music band singing to your guests at the reception, it can easily be managed if you plan earlier enough and set things in place. A music band will have variety f songs to perform- ranging from RnB, Hip hop, Classics, reggae, Salsa, Love songs and other traditional favorites. They will highly entertain guests since they are easier to blend and learn what they want. Do not just go for any band, but be keen to select those with a positive reputation as well as the experience of moving things and perfectly to the right moves.

These are some of the 3 perfect ways that you can include in your wedding plan to make sure that it totally unique and it seeks to motivate and your friends to the right levels of success as they too anticipate walk down the Aile.


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