5 Reasons You’re Always Hungry


What is one thing that always seems to get in the way of following through a good diet plan?

Constant hunger; or, to be more honest: always feeling hungry !

Just imagine how easy weight loss would be if you were never in the mood to eat. Unfortunately, hunger is hard not to feel.

Most people who need to go on a diet live where food is far from a scarce resource. Malls and streets are lined with food chains. Cafe , snack bars , and diners are scattered around schools and offices. Even just grocery shopping for non-food items becomes a real temptation to people in a food-obsessed culture. Market brands wrap the same junk in new packaging, or introduce a new flavor, and the tendency is to slide it into the basket on the way to checkout.

But let’s return to the basic question: why do you always feel like eating?

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1. You have too much free time

Simply: You are bored. This is especially true for dieters who have either flexible or short working hours. You have all this free time, and you fill the space between work and actual mealtimes with snacks. Try keeping track of your activity when you have nothing left to do. Chances are, you drift towards the kitchen or the newest food chain.

If you’ve noticed that it’s boredom that makes you eat when stuck at home, try Googling foods that require real time and preparation — and then serve the creation to your household. On the other hand, if you’re tempted to try that Italian restaurant while you’re alone downtown, steer yourself in another direction and treat yourself to a new outfit or book instead.


2. Your hormones are frenzied

You may feel chronically hungry due to hormonal imbalance. If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, your blood sugar drops (hypoglycemia) and you will find yourself ravenous. Remember the food pyramid? Whole grains are at the bottom for a reason.

One cause of hypoglycemia is improper dieting. You may have been told to “avoid starchy foods,” but your body still needs fuel. You don’t have to avoid bread altogether. Whole-grain baked goods contain lots of fiber that keep you full for longer, forfeiting hunger pangs.


3. You are not happy

A sudden change in appetite (whether a loss or increase) is a symptom of depression. But we’re not saying you’re depressed; you’re just using food to cope with a deeper problem. It may be heartbreak, built-up stress from work, or even just two straight “bad weeks,” and you’ve found that two large fries or a big bar of milk chocolate every afternoon soothes you.

Observe what your mood is right before you reach for a snack. Whether it’s sadness or burnout, there is one alternative that all keep calories off while producing feel-good hormones in your brain. It’s called exercise.


4. You are surrounded by food

You just began a new diet and it’s time for you to have a healthful snack. At this point, you realize that all the sugary snacks and drinks you purchased weeks ago are still sitting around your home, waiting to be consumed. So you tell yourself that you are just going to empty your house of these temptations, then really start the diet.

When this happens, you’re allowing junk food to ruin your fitness plan before you’ve even begun. Do not fall for your mind telling you that you simply need to rid the house of them. Instead of giving in and gorging on forbidden foods just because they are there, pack them into a box or a bunch of paper bags and donate them to the nearest shelter. You’ll be helping humanity, as well as yourself.


5.This Most Important ,  you did not have a proper breakfast.

Remember all those people telling you, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” when you were younger? It is no joke. Breakfast provides your body with a morning energy boost, gets your metabolism up and burning for the next several hours, and eliminates random hunger pangs throughout the day.

Breakfast is the best time to consume healthy carbohydrates in a filling meal, so don’t skip this fitness staple. A bowl of oatmeal in low-fat milk instead of white bread, a side of fresh fruits instead of jam and butter, and some green tea instead of hot chocolate will give you more energy and less calories.

A useful reminder: dieting is not a starvation rally. It’s reform for your body.


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