6 Unbelievable Salt Life Hacks You Should Know


There are so many wonders salt can perform, Salt can be described as a household hack. Salt can be used to remove stains from the surfaces of iron. While ironing a cloth, some clothes might melt on the surfaces of the iron thereby necessitating the need for the iron surfaces to be cleaned.

The iron surface can be scrubbed against the salt which is sprinkled on a plain platform such as a table. The surprise is that after rubbing the iron on the salt surface for some time, the surface becomes clean and all the stains are wiped.

Moreover salt unbelievably remove stains from spill or broken eggs. A pinch of salt on eggs will make it beat fluffier, when an egg cracks or breaks and it spill, sprinkle salts over the entire area of spillage and leave for few minutes. After about 5 minutes, the egg particles will have coagulated thereby making it easy for the egg to be scraped out. Salt can be used as a cleaning agent to make egg coagulate and easy to scrap away.

Furthermore, Salts can also remove tough dirty stains from basins and sinks such as kitchen basins and sinks. Add an amount of turpentine to certain proportion of salt to form a mixture which i regard as a cleaning mixture. Using this mixture and foam or a brush to scrub the surface thoroughly, It will be unbelievable that the basins would have been cleaned thoroughly thereby making salt and turpentine a good cleaning agents which is an unbelievable fact.

Salts can also be used to put out fire. While cooking when a cooking pot or pan catches fire, sprinkle salts into any fire or combustible parts and do this continuously just in few seconds the fire is out. This is common when cooking as fire from the stove enters the cooking pan or pot most especially when frying, salts which is a common material can be used to put out the fire by sprinkling it into the pan in a matter which the fire dies off. Sprinkling salts symmetrically into a cooking pot or pan that caught fire is a mesure of putting out fire domestically and which is unbelievable.

However if you walk away from the stove while cooking for a brief period and find out that part of what you are cooking is burnt, and has stick to the pan or pot, sprinkle salt and add a little bit of water and leave for some time, about 10 minute, by then all the sticky burnt particles in the pan would be less tough and would have peeled away from the pan.

Salt and Vinegar can be used as a detergent to wash and remove tough stains from sink holes and other holes or materials such as sinks and basins, After putting on gloves then using a foam to wash sink holes, it is surprising that the tough stains are removed and the holes become as clean as ever.




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