5 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Happiness


The instant a person commits themselves to their dreams then providence comes in play. A lot of things will happen to help people that would normally happen and can’t be explain. It does not matter does not matter your mode of transport just your destination.These are the thoughts of W.H. Murray. Every one seeks happiness but a lot of people don’t know how to find it. They aren’t aware that they are steps involved in getting your happiness.

happiness and people concept - two young teenagers making funny faces
happiness and people concept – two young teenagers making funny faces

1. The first step is to get close to god –  It does not matter who your god is but get closer to him and great things will start happening for you.


2. The next step is to keep in good health and keep your stress level down – There are a lot of health issues that are caused from high levels of stress and your high stress levels will worsen the problem. It causes a lot of chemical reaction in your bodies to fail and makes your emotions and mental stability to go unbalanced. There are many people out there that do not realize how stressed they are. They don’t realize that “everyday problems” accumulate if they are not properly neutralized. There are simple ways to keep your stress level down. Exercising and Yoga are two of the best ways to keep your stress level down.


3. Sleep Enough – Sleep deprivation will also throw the functions of your body out of sync so it is imperative to get enough sleep to keep healthy. You might think it is not a big deal to go without sleep for a while but that lack of sleep adds up. The problem with this is that sleep doesn’t add up the same way. You are not able to go for three days without sleep and then sleep for three days and everything will be balanced, it doesn’t work that way. Getting enough sleep is probably the first thing to do on you route to happiness. Being healthy is being happy.


4. The happiest people on the planet are children –  children that are not being abused. Life as an adult doesn’t require or demand that you be serious all the time. Life is serious but it is also for living and it does not necessarily mean you need to be serious. Getting in touch with you inner child and force it to surface. Do and enjoy the things you did as a child, not be childish.


5. Frustration from waiting on your situation to be perfect will take its toll. Don’t wait on your life to fall in place and be perfect, that may not happen. You need to go out there and get started on your life. Don’t wait just go do it.


The purpose of this article is to let people aware that happiness begins with your health. Unhealthy people are unhappy people. The secrets of getting happiness and staying happy start with your health. Regardless of what you are going through if you are healthy you will be able to shoulder the effects.



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