3 Health Effects of Hormones in Meat on Humans


The food industry has grown vast and used more technology to increase its production from time to time. Unfortunately, there are some consequences on food safety caused by these changes.


One example is the using of synthetic hormones in animals, which results in harmful effect on human and environment. This practice has threatened human health, including these 3 effects:

1.Increase Cancer Risks

Because hormones are fat molecules, which are dissolved, they can stay in fat tissue and create builds up that gradually will reach a dangerous stage. Compared to men, women have higher level of fat in their bodies in nature. This is one the reasons why women are more prone to the harmful effects of hormones added to food.

The risk of getting breast cancer increases due to the imbalanced hormone and too much eating meat that involves hormone-supplement process. Besides breast cancer on women, consuming meat containing growth hormones can trigger prostate cancer and some other cancers. Even though these cancers are caused by many factors, including genes, fat consumption, smoking habit, and unhealthy lifestyle, the hormones in meat also contribute to worsen the risks.

2.Cause early puberty

There was a study in Puerto Rico during 1980s done by the CDC (Centre Disease Control), which investigated the increasing cases of early puberty among young girls there. The study found that there was higher level of estrogen in a chicken taken from the local market. Some girls who got early puberty also showed zeranol residues in their blood.

USDA did not find the same results following this Puerto Rico finding, another study in Italy suspected that the residues of steroid hormone residues from poultry and beef found in school meals had caused the breast overgrowth on young girls and boys.

3.Lead to obesity

Without adding steroid hormone, human and animals already have it in a very small quantity. This chemical has the roles in the growth and reproduction process. Any unnecessary addition of this hormone to human body will disturb your healthy body, leading to some diseases and problems.

Since these hormones in meat are synthetic, they cannot be processed the same way as the natural hormones. It is difficult for the body to dispose them from the system. As a result, they become toxins and cause weight gain, especially on hips, thighs, and abdomen.

It is clear that the using of synthetic hormones in meat and other food is not recommended for human body. Choose the organic products to avoid this. You can also enrich your food preference so that you do not depend your protein intake from meat only.


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