Top 10 Great Health Benefits of Dancing


Dance has numerous benefits to ones mental and body health, it is a fun way to exercise and keep fit and becoming physically active. According to a number of researches done on the relation between dance and health, it has been concluded that dance is a very healthy exercise; this is regardless of which Music genre one is dancing to.

There are different dancing styles; Salsa, ballet, belly dancing, Hip-hop, tap dancing, ballroom dancing and square dancing. The styles of dancing depend on the culture involved. The following are some of the benefits that teenage girls can gain from dance in mental and body health.

1.Mental Health

According to studies in the different journals of Medicine, it has been established that dance boosts memory and prevents a person from developing dementia: a condition in which a person may lose his mental functions such as thinking, and problem solving ability, also memory loss is caused by this condition.

It is proved that aerobics reverses volume loss in the hippocampus part of the brain which controls memory, thus it is able to boost memory of teenage girls. Dance is also a great way of relieving mental stress.


2. Dance will help your Heart

For those who are at risk for heart diseases (Cardiovascular), dance is a great activity for this. It improves the heart health and breathing complications are cured through dancing. Dancing improves the quality of life and better because it was proved by an Italian Study to be better than the treadmill or biking. This could be as a result of the enjoyment that comes with dancing.


3.Lose Weight

Dancing improves your aerobic fitness in the same way as cycling or jogging do. The salsa dance called Zumba is the most effective in burning calories as it is intense, in Thirty minutes one can burn about 250 calories. It is more effective in tackling obesity and thus many schools have established dancing classes in line with this factor.


4.Reduce and Get rid of Depression

Dancing is the most effective way of diminishing depression. Persons who attend regular dance classes have the minimum symptoms of depression, Dancing will uplift your spirits and boost your mood too. Swing dancing is best at boosting your mood as it is done with a partner.


5.Increased Energy levels

Regular dancing programs have an effect in your performance and energy levels in adults and both teens. It increases energy levels and thus your activity is boosted too.


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6. Improved Balance

Dance improves your balance and stability in both teens and aging adults. Some of the key requirements of dancing are good posture and fast movements. Hence when one frequently dances, eventually you stability, balance will improve and you will be able to have better body control.


7.Body health benefits

Dancing has great benefits to your body health. It tones your entire body and improves you muscle strength. Thus one can look more beautiful and in the best shape while doing what you enjoy best.


8.Improved Flexibility

Dancing improves your flexibility and helps you to get rid of stiffness. The best dance for this is ballet. Regular dance classes are beneficial in increasing flexibility this helps you from to avoid joint pain and soreness which comes with exercising. This is both important for teens and both adults.


9. Improved confidence

Dancing builds your confidence, and self esteem. This has a positive effect on your social life. You are able to interact with other people in dance classes and also make new friends.

The benefits of having a good social life are tremendous, it increases your happiness, it gives you the “feel-good” factor, it also reduces stress and strengthens one’s immunity.


10. Improved agility

Research that was undertaken by Dr Paul Dougall in 2010 at the Strathclyde University concluded that Dancers had a greater agility and stronger legs and could walk better than other people of the same age-bracket who participated in other exercise such as walking, golf, swimming and keep-fit classes. The specific area of studies was Scottish country dance.

It is therefore recommendable that teen girls should join dance classes for dance practice given the great benefits of dancing as this lead to an improvement in the quality of life and whole-round positive gains can be accrued from dancing.


  1. I’m grateful that you mentioned how dance can give you opportunities to interact with people and make friends. My daughter has been struggling with making friends since she started high school last month. Maybe if I enrolled her in some dance classes, she could interact with kids her age and improve her social life.

  2. I liked that you mentioned dancing will build your confidence and improve your self-esteem. My sister is looking for an extracurricular activity for school, and we are looking for advice to help her. I will let her know about the benefits of dancing to help her decide.


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