Top 10 Habits Of The Happy People


Maintaining a positive attitude about people, the things you encounter in life and life in general is a key step towards achieving the highest level of happiness. This level of happiness can only be achieved throughout ones’ life by developing a positive habit.









Happy people make a habit of doing the following:

1. They love themselves

Get the best friend in yourself too. It may seem difficult but it is the most vital step in being a happy person. Tell yourself that you are the most wonderful human ever born. Embrace all the things about your life. Give yourself a big smile every time you see yourself on a mirror. Take care of your health and body by regular medical checkups and make it a daily happy to drink lots of water.

2. They choose friends wisely

The choice of your friends is also very important. Surround yourself with positive happy people. If you don’t like some people, disassociate yourself from them completely. Friends build or destroy you depending on your choice. You can only accomplish you dreams if you surround yourself with people you share the same values. You should also nurture your relationship with friends by spending time with them, keeping promises and being supportive. Happy friends make will make you happy.

3. They are Considerate

Happy people treat the people they encounter with utmost kindness, respect and compassion while at the same time accepting them for who they are and where they are in life. They touch them with a generous and kind spirit. This is a show of love to others and love is the foundation of all happiness. If we love others we generally become happy. Studies have shown that being kind to others makes the brain to produce feel – good hormones like serotonin that helps one to build strong relationship with others thus develop positive feelings throughout.

4. They optimistic

In whatever situation they are in, they are always optimistic that will come through. They find positives of any given situation. Replace every negative thought in you mine with a positive. An optimist will see a glass as half full while a pessimist will see it as half empty.

5. They do what they enjoy

You tend to succeed more often when you do what you enjoy most. Success brings happiness. Therefore, should always find time for your hobbies, play the games you enjoy and work on a career path that you enjoy. Studies show that most unhappy people are those who are in a career they dislike.

6. They live in the Present

Forgetting the past and not worrying about the future is a key step in achieving happiness. Avoid thinking about past negative events. Think of what you are doing at the moment at doing to your best.

7. They regard their problems as challenges

Happy people always see challenges from what others see problems. And make a stepping stone to a better life. Always strive to eliminate the word “problem” entirely from your mind.

8. They always speak well of others

Happy people will always say positives things about others. Always say nice things about others. It will help foster positive thinking in your life.

9. They express gratitude for what they have

People who appreciate what they have own tend to cope with stress more easily and they always keep positive emotions. Accept what you have and be content with it. By so doing, you accept what cannot be changed. Learn to appreciate other people as well.

10. They don’t compare themselves with others

Comparing yourself with others is detrimental to your happiness. Always measure your success based on your own progress. Judgmental feelings brings harm to your feelings.

By developing the above habits, the world will have more happy people than unhappy ones.



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