3 Health Issues of Eating Hot Dogs


The digestive system of a human being is a sensitive system in the body as it is vulnerable to any harmful substance that is ingested.

Classic style hot dogs with mustard and ketchup – graphicstock.com

When the harmful substances are eaten directly or indirectly, the digestive system might succumb to serious infections which might in turn affect the entire health adversely. Medical research suggests that eating a lot of hot dogs exposes your life to the risks of being infected with undesirable illnesses like cancer and heart attacks.

This research is supported by statistical data which suggests that; among those people who take too much hot dogs, 76.93% of them succumb to death or health illnesses that are fat-related. Doesn’t this raise an alarm?

Research has it that, during the preservation of hot dogs, nitrites are used. The nitrites help in combating botulism. When the meal is cooked, the nitrites naturally combine with the amines in the meat hence forming nitroso compounds.

When this type of food is then ingested, the compounds get into the digestive system and mix with other natural compounds. This in turn increases the risk of oral cavity cancer, urinary bladder cancer, esophagus cancer, stomach cancer and even brain cancer. Nowadays,cancer has become a dreadful illness that is too expensive to cure. It is fearful yet easily gotten.

Basically, hot dogs are considered as junk food because they are made by processed meat and plenty of fats. When taken in large amounts, the fat tend to clog in sensitive parts of the body like the heart’s arteries and this might in turn make you to be a casualty of fat-related illnesses.

It is true that the body has the ultimate ability to distribute fat evenly throughout the body. It is also true that when the body is stuffed with excess fats, it lacks the ability to distribute fat. This excess fat will thus be locked down in different parts of the body like the stomach region which might lead to other fat-related illnesses.

Hot Dogs are NOT and will NEVER be a bad meal. However, if this type of food is taken in excess, it becomes an unhealthy meal.

Just take a little amount and this should NOT be on a regular and daily basis. Prevention is better than cure and that is why medical experts advise people to be cautious with the little things that they eat. Make your health a priority!! Avoid the avoidable !



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