Things Men Need to Know About Prostate Cancer


prostate cancer , All men are at risk for prostate cancer. About one in six men during their lifetime diagnose this disease, but only one of the male die 34 from Prostate Cancer . Approximately about 80 percent of men’s who lives to age of 80 , suffer from prostate cancer. In addition there are other factors such as age, race and family history that may increase risk of Prostate Cancer . Risk factors are includes :

1. Age

The biggest risk factor for prostate cancer is age. This risk increases significantly after 50 years old in white skin men’s  who have no family history of the disease, and after 40 years old for black men’s and males who have a close relative with prostate cancer. Approximately two-thirds of cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in men at age of 65 years and older. In the US the disease remains the second leading cause of cancer death after lung cancer.


2. Family history

It is believed that the males relatives had suffered from prostate cancer are at high risk. According to the American Society for the fight against cancer , Prostate cancer is more common in African European men. Having a father or brother who has had the disease increases the risk of cancer.


3. Food

The study also suggests that a diet rich in fats, can be a contributing factor of prostate cancer. Researches shows prostate cancer is more common in countries where meat and dairy products are basic foodstuffs compared with countries where the food consists mainly of rice , Legumes and Soybeans and vegetables help protect some people from cancer . According to some studies, a diet rich in the antioxidant available in  some fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes,  Broccoli, grapefruit and watermelon can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Also some nutritional supplements like mineral selenium and vitamin E cloud decreased risk of developing prostate cancer.


What are other possible risk factors ?

Passive lifestyle. You can reduce your risk of prostate cancer, regularly performing your daily  physical exercise and maintaining optimal weight. Prostate cancer is more common in older men, but young people can get it too .



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