7 Simple Ways to Lose Weight


The way to look better, healthier and prettier could not be easy for some individuals. However, many people have tried their best and exerted so much effort to win the battle of losing weight. In our society today, people who are overweight are usually judged as unattractive or lazy, but losing weight is not only about looking pretty, it is more about trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle and save the costs of being hospitalized or sick due to illnesses that are primarily caused by following an unhealthy diet.


In fact, the ways to start losing weight is not hard than you thought it is, it is the challenge to keep them part of your daily life that makes it difficult to most people. But, if you have the discipline and determination to succeed this endeavour , the goals towards healthier living won’t be that difficult to achieve.

Here are the fastest and the simplest ways to lose weight that can work on anyone determined to achieve a good body shape.


1 – Drink water, dark coffee and green tea

According to the researchers of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, when people drink water, they increase their metabolism by 30 percent. Water also act as appetite suppressant thus, when you drink it before eating your meals, you will feel fuller and therefore minimize your food consumption, more than what is recommended in your diet.

Drinking dark coffee also helps your body to shed down fat during digestion. Coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine that can curb one’s appetite and speed up metabolism. Caffeine produces a better fat burning effect when combined with chlorogenic acid. Like coffee, green tea is also caffeinated. It contains healthy catechins and antioxidants that help your body to lose some pounds. However, caffeinated drinks are not advisable to everyone especially to pregnant women because it may cause low birth weight babies.


2 – Bulk up your meals with more fiber, vegetables and fruits

Instead of opting to a pasta salad with mayonnaise, it is more healthful to go for pasta salad that is loaded with vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli. Omelets, stir-fries and vegetable-friendly dishes are also good. High fiber, low sugar cereals and oatmeal also contain fiber, calcium and less fat. Notably, if you stick with 1:1 ratio of vegetables to grains, vegetables that are rich in fiber help you satisfy your hunger before you eat much of the grains. Don’t buy partially hydrogenated foods, and look for grain products with more than 2 grams of fibers.

Fruits also have the ability to suppress your appetite. If you are more of a fruit juice drinker, try to change the habit by eating fruits instead. Eating an orange, apple and slice of watermelon can stimulate you to eat less than drinking a one kid-size box of fruit juice. Buying prepared food that contains corn syrup, fructose and sugar is a no-no. If you can’t find a variety of sugar-free or lower-sugar version of foods, grab a fruit instead.


3 – Eat less carb but more protein

High protein diet and less carb intake are the keys to fast and healthy weight loss. Foods that contain added sugar and white flour can lead to weight gain and increased blood sugar. Get your protein from the best sources – beans, dairy, meat and fish – they are the masterminds of burning calories. High-protein foods are not usually grab and go like most carbs, they take more work to use, metabolize and digest calories.

When you bulk up your meals with more protein and less carbs, protein will start shedding those pounds from your waistline. Also, they stay longer in your stomach, allowing you to feel fuller fast but remain stuffed for a longer period of time. Try to prepare at least 30 grams of protein at breakfast, which you can get from a cup of cottage cheese and two eggs. This meal has the power to replenish your protein stores in the morning after sleeping all night and helps your body to regulate its appetite all day.


4 – Burn calories and build muscles through regular exercise and weight lifting

Daily exercise is a huge factor when it comes to lasting and successful weight loss. Through physical activities such as walking to and fro, taking up the stairs or going to the gym, you can build muscles and burn calories which further enable you to feel better, prevent disease and decrease stress.

Weight lifting is a good exercise that boosts your metabolism and maintains it for a longer period of time even after the activity is completed. When you do lift weights , you increase your body’s demand for oxygen which results to the increase in your metabolic rate. It also allows you to develop muscles that has significant role in raising your metabolism. Therefore, many weight loss programs incorporate weight lifting workouts considering the dual benefit they can provide to the individual.


5 – Avoid junk food, go for healthy diet

Highly processed foods that contain sugar, gluten grains, artificial sweeteners and trans fats do not only add more pounds and fats to your body, they are also unhealthy. So, what should you eat?

  • Meat – Chicken, pork, lamb, beef and other grass-fed meat
  • Eggs – Pastured or Omega-3 enriched eggs
  • Fish – Haddock, trout, salmon ad wild-caught fish
  • Fruits – Strawberries, blueberries, pears, oranges, and apples
  • Vegetables – Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and many others
  • Fats and oils – Cod fish liver oil, olive oil, lard, butter and coconut oil
  • High-fat dairy – Yogurt, heavy cream, butter and cheese
  • Seeds and nuts – Sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, etc.

6 – Sleep more to weigh less

In a recent study conducted by the University of Chicago, it was found that people who sleep eight and half hours every night lose more weight than those who spend only five and a half hours sleeping at night. This goes without saying that getting the right amount of sleep has great effect on your weight. A good night sleep enables you to save more energy to take on the next morning as well as burn your calories though you are not working out. On the other hand, an overtired body and mind tend to rev up, stimulating the person to look for something that make him feels good.


7 – Minimize sugar and limit your calorie intake

Sugar is the number one factor that boosts the increase of obesity all over the world. Note that for every teaspoon of white sugar you get 16 calories. Although you don’t eat sugar alone, you can consume more than a teaspoon of it from fat and refined starches that you use for baking a biscuit or cake. Therefore, when you quit sugar, it is possible for you to reduce calorie intake including foods you should avoid to eat such as highly processed foods that contain flavors, colors and preservatives. Yes, quitting sugar is the only way to free yourself from shedding those excess pounds.


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