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3 Fashion And Beauty Tips For Women

Fashion can be defined as people's style based on the mode of cladding, body makeups and among other thing's one's footwear. It is the...

Top 3 Fitting Room Mistakes Women Make

It is no secret that there are many women out there who have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed and near tears after spending...

10 Things women just don’t do anymore these days !

Times have changed and people have changed too, particularly women. Fifty or sixty years ago, dating and marriage went down quite differently. Women were...

Easy Ways to Wear a Short Hipknoties

With the current change in fashion, it is becoming quite difficult and rather expensive to keep up with it. The different designs of dresses...

How and What To Wear On First Dates

Going out on a date is something that people are often both excited and nervous about at the same time. Every first date holds...