Awkward Moment When an Elephant Crashes Your Pool Party


Can you imagine to be in a lodge in Africa for holiday vacations and while swimming in the pool to see a big elephant approaching? Actually this happened to some people who were having fun in the pool in a lodge in Botswana.

While they were swimming in the pool, suddenly they saw a big elephant, lighthearted, coming by the pool, like he wanted to join with them in the party and to have some drinks. The big animal probably was thirsty and strolled up to the pool, in order to drink some water, by paying no attention to the people, who were really stunned.

As you can understand, the people in the pool were caught by a big surprise with this unexpected visit of the giant animal – after all he wasn’t invited. They literally stood still and kept watching the big guy, without knowing what to do. They may even were a bit afraid that the elephant might wanted to get in the pool in order to join them, but he actually didn’t. It’s like he felt the tension around him. In fact, he may have understood that he wasn’t invited to the pool party and felt that he was unwanted and decided he had to leave. So, after taking a couple of drinks of water, he took a deep breath, made a few steps backwards and waved them with his ear, as he was saying “bye” to them. Then, he turned around heavyhearted that he was leaving the pool party and found his way back to his natural environment, to join his usual friends.

As soon as this amazing video was posted on YouTube some years ago, became viral very soon and many people enjoyed seeing the uninvited elephant in an awkward moment, when crashed at the pool of a lodge in Africa.


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