10 Reasons To Get Married


Getting married is a big decision in one’s life. Marriage means you are being committed to one individual for life. Knowing the reasons why you want to get married is extremely important. You also need to be ready so your marriage can be a success. If you are not sure if you want to tie the knot, here are some good reasons to help you decide whether you are actually ready to take that big step in your life.

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© Mila Supynska – Fotolia.com

1. Love

If you love a person, you don’t want to lose him or her. You would like to live together with the person who loves you as well. By marriage, you will be making a lifetime commitment to love your partner. This is one of the major reasons why most people get married because you have found the One, someone perfect for you.

2. Companionship

Getting someone to talk to and share life experiences with is a major reason why many people are considering getting married. Anyone can feel lonely if they decide to live alone. However, even the worst problems can be solved with a loving partner on your side. Sharing a home at night can help bring a sense of satisfaction to your lives. Companionship is extremely important in life and getting married can help you achieve exactly that.


3. Happiness

Happiness is associated with marriage. If you decide to get married to the right person and the right reasons, then you will be happy at all times. In addition, research has shown that people are generally happier after marriage.


4. making love , Happy Time

making love is also an important reason to get married. Once you get married, you will have more time to engage in relationship activities. In addition, making love tends to be friskier in marriage. You will have a chance to try out different things. You will have hot relation more often and it will be different each time, making it even more enjoyable.

5. Romance

While you can enjoy romance with someone before you walk down the aisle, it is not as meaningful as when you have already tied the knot! Both parties are afraid that the relationship may end at any time. This brings a sense of insecurity to your relationship, making both parties uncomfortable with each other. Studies show that 80% of couples living together before they tie the knot will not be living together ten years later. The commitment and respect that comes with marriage will help improve the romantic side of your relationship. It is great waking up next to someone who is committed to you and romance gets better after marriage. You won’t have to feel guilty about late-night rendezvous or stolen kisses.


6. Household Support

Whether man or woman, you will appreciate the support you get around your home from your partner. In any case, sharing a house means that you want to share your life experiences for the rest of your life. You would like to stay in a clean and comfortable home where you will feel great welcoming your family and friends. Sharing those household chores will help avoid conflict and make your marriage a happy one.

7. Family

Raising a family is another important reason to get married. Raising a family is a difficult task. Bringing kids into the world and catering to all of their needs until they become independent adults requires influence from both parties. Children will need both a father and a mother influence. Lack of one of these aspects may have a negative impact on their development and social interactions. Although single parents often raise healthy and successful children, it is generally easier when both parents are involved.

8. Financial Reasons

Marriage comes with many tax breaks. When you get married, you will qualify for several tax credits. You will enjoy two incomes and hence, your standards of living will be better.

9. Social Acceptance

When you get married, the society will recognize your union. You may have had many people in your life, but exchanging those marriage vows will help bring social acceptance to your union.

10. Religious Acceptance

Some religions require you to get marriage before engaging in hot and lovely activities. When you get married, you will be giving your relationship religious recognition and acceptance.

After considering these reasons, you will certainly be able to make an informed decision about whether you would like to marry. With proper planning, you and your partner should enjoy marital bliss for the rest of your life. Good luck.


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