The Most Hilarious Fall in women’s handball


Awkward accidents happen all the time in sports. Most of the time, we don’t like these accidents, but there are also times where they’re kind of awesome and fun. When hilarious accidents happen, they can be very funny, and this is certainly what happened in this funny video of women’s handball.

When two of the players from the opposing teams collide into each other, you can clearly see them end up falling to the ground. As far as handball games go, this is not unusual, but take a look at their positions. A lot of naughty things are implied there, things that most adult guys would like to associate with girls handball.


youtube/KZR News

You can also see the look on some of the sport’s officials faces at what’s implied. They were clearly didn’t expect this to happen during the game, but that’s just the beauty of these kinds of accidents. They give us candid moments that we never would have expected, especially in a game of women’s handball.


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