5 Easy Way To Make Your Own Detox Drink


Health aficionados recommend drinking lots of water as a way to detoxify your body; but water by itself can begin to taste bland, making continuing the practice on a regular basis rather difficult. But, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on water altogether; you can use water as the base for some delicious and refreshing homemade drinks that’ll detoxify your body even better. Here are a few health and delicious recipes that turn ordinary water into super detoxifiers:


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© Magdalena Kucova – Fotolia.com



cucumbers are mostly made up of water so naturally they make a great hydrating food. Most diets that emphasize detoxing as a way to good health include this vegetable specifically for its hydrating properties. And, when you add cucumber slices to a glass of water, the water acts as a magnet to pull the nutrients out of the cucumber slices, giving you an added benefit. So, not only does mixing cucumbers in a plain old glass of water transform it into a cool and delicious refreshment that you can enjoy anytime, it also makes it very nutritious.



health gurus have known about the cleansing properties of lemons. Lemons stimulate the digestive system and forces impurities from the body. But, lemon juice is also an excellent detoxifier. Many people have found that by mixing lemon juice with warm water and drinking before bed each night is a great way to remove toxins from the body. Some people also like to counter that tartness of the lemons with a touch of honey or maple syrup. Either way, the purifying properties of lemons will leave you feeling lighter and healthier than you’ve ever felt before.



not only is ginger a great natural detoxifier, but it also fights gas and bloating at the same time. Ginger alone would make an excellent detoxifier, but you can fortify the cleansing power of ginger by mixing this versatile herb in a glass of water with other detox remedies like lemons and cayenne pepper. You’ve already learned about the wonders of lemons as a detoxifying agent, but when you add cayenne pepper to the mix, you also get the benefits of its hunger-fighting properties. In addition, cayenne pepper regulates blood sugar, while stimulating blood flow.



mint is another herb that compliments the detoxifying powers of fruits and vegetables like lemons and cucumbers. Mint gives your homemade detox remedies just a touch of sweetness to make it even more delicious without adding sugar, which is loaded with calories. It also helps with indigestion. So, adding a touch of mint to your lemon, or cucumber, and water detox drink not only makes it taste great, but also fortifies its health benefits by fighting upset stomach.



grapefruit is a delicious fruit that is loaded with nutrients. It is also low in calories and high in vitamins B and E. it is a much hydrated food and it is that hydration that makes it such a good detox food. Grapefruits are naturally sweet and therefore are easy for the body to breakdown. You can make a delicious grapefruit detox by slicing up this delicious fruit and putting the slices in a picture of water. Place the picture in the fridge and let stand for a while before drinking. Most health gurus recommend drinking three glasses of the grapefruit detox per day for maximum benefit. It is also not unusual for some people to add other fruits, like oranges and tangerines, to the mix for an even better tasting detox drink.


If you’re health conscious, as a lot more people are these days, then you could definitely benefit from these delicious drinks to cool off with during the hot summer months. But remember, to ensure that you don’t run out, make them by the picture full so you’ll have an adequate supply to keep you refreshed while you relax on the patio or out by the pool. Moreover, you’ll have plenty to offer your friends when they drop by. Not only will they be impressed how delicious it looks and tastes, but they’ll also appreciate the fact that you’re trying to stay healthy.

Staying healthy has never been this easy before. All it takes is mixing some fruit and vegetable slices with the water that your doctor has encouraged to drink more of anyway.


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