Days after the SEC filed its civil suit, the FBI raided LaForte's and McElhone's houses and seized seven loaded guns and $2.5 million in cash. The SEC considers the issuer who sells the securities to have primary liability.. In the spring, the funds invested in Par missed two months of payments to investors. He began selling more than life insurance: he urged investors to put their money into alternatives" approaches to the stock market and its volatility. In a court response this month to Vagnozzis suit, Pauciulo hit back at his former client. sweet potato sushi roll calories. Some investors in Vagnozzis more recent life settlement funds say their returns have also been slower and less than expected. One investor told The Inquirer he put in his $50,000 at Vagnozzis urging in February 2015, a month after the bankruptcy. Vagnozzi's agreement earlier this year to pay the $5 million was the third time since 2019 that he has agreed to pay large sums to resolve complaints from regulators. By Fr. (Agents also found $5 million in cash there and at his other homes, in the Poconos and Jupiter, Fla.). Navigation. NBC News obtained a videotape of an investor pitch dinner in Nov. 2019 hosted by Dean Vagnozzi, head of an investment firm that raised money for Par and was sued by the SEC. Since financial adviser Dean Vagnozzi was charged with fraud in a government lawsuit in July, he has been castigated by regulators for how he steered customers to Par Funding, a Philadelphia lender founded by a twice-convicted felon. The suit, seeking $1.25 million in commissions that Vagnozzi was paid 2009 to 2014, is to go on trial next year. This information became public when the plaintiff filed a praecipe an order requesting a writ or legal document in late August, which showed that the settlement was backdated to July 29, 2020 despite no written agreement being concluded until August 12, 2020. Pauciulo, in his rebuttal pleading this year, holds firm to that argument, saying, LaFortes criminal conviction for mortgage fraud did not need to be disclosed because it was more than 10 years old.. The court never contacted me or informed me about the fund that they froze and ultimately plundered. MENU MENU. Many investors, weary of slow returns, agreed to the switch. Montgomery County financial pitchman Dean Vagnozzi, once well-known through his ubiquitous radio ads and free dinner seminars, has agreed to pay $5 million to resolve a complaint from the U.S.. As a felon, he is barred from possessing guns. The hope was to turn their money into at least $70,000, as the old people died on schedule. My impeccable credit score was destroyed. His million-dollar-plus yearly income fell to zero.. Original review: March 7, 2022. The trial in Miami is to start Dec. 3. Equitable enhances buffered annuity suite, LIMRA: 2022 single premium buy-out sales topple prior record, Why the $2.04B Powerball jackpot winner would have done better taking the annuity, These annuities have gotten more popular, and with good reason, After years of negotiations, GOP leaders reach a breakthrough on Medicaid expansion. As life-settlement payouts drag on and premium costs rise, investors have been left frustrated. In the 2020 emails obtained by The Inquirer, Vagnozzi acknowledged a simple problem with funds containing those early policies: Sellers hadnt died fast enough. Pauciulo, 55, is a Temple law grad who has been with the Pittsburgh-based Eckert Seamans firm for more than a decade, leading its financial transaction group out of its Philadelphia office. He found few leads but is still puzzled by the lack of payments. The SEC has since said Vagnozzi was selling securities that should have been registered and didn't warn investors of the risks. But speculation is continuing about . My phone was ringing off the hook from hundreds of people, hundreds of panicked people.". Judge Rodolfo A. Ruiz II overseeing the case gave authority to Stumphauzer to remove Par Funding employees access while also ordering that any copies that were made by Par Funding staffers be sent to the receiver for review. A few days after I had talked with the prenovices about the . In July, federal financial regulators sued Vagnozzi, along with the owners of Par Funding and others, alleging they had defrauded 1,200 investors who put in nearly $500 million. TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) -- A worker died after he was electrocuted after coming into contact with high-voltage power lines in Trenton, police say. OK?". Key to Par's approach was that it required borrowers to sign what are known as "confessions of judgment" legal documents that compel the debtors to forfeit up front any right to defend themselves in court when accused of missing loan payments. Dean Vagnozzi said that Eckert Seamans attorney John Pauciulo had failed to either uncover or disclose the risks of a partnership with Complete Business Solutions Group Inc., which did business as . Now, Vagnozzi has brought his suit against Pauciulo and his firm. This provided Par with the legal hammer for the quick withdrawals. In recent weeks Vagnozzi said he would take steps to overhaul his businesses. Now they are adversaries, heading for court. As Stumphauzer took over receivership of both Par Funding and A Better Financial Plan, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) raided Par Fundings headquarters along with multiple properties belonging to Joseph Laforte, the co-owner of Par Funding. This week's guest. Join Facebook to connect with Dean Vagnozzi and others you may know. Par Funding threatened violence, trashed reputations after businesses took out loans at brutal interest rates, borrowers say, names Par Funding, its owners, Vagnozzi, and others, Par Funding owner seeks release from prison, agrees to SEC control until civil fraud trial, Dean Vagnozzi and his alternatives to Wall Street, Federal judge orders Par Funding to stay out of seized accounts after its staff accessed 100,000 records. Tom, 77, walks with a slight limp, which has led to rumors that he may have arthritis. One Dean! In DE-238 the SEC ordered that those funds be placed under control of the receiver as they were moved from the MK account at Citizens Bank into Vagnozzis personal bank account at the end of July. DEAN J. VAGNOZZI d/b/a A BETTER FINANCIAL PLAN, LLC Docket No.. 9: 08 190016 (SEC-OSC) CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE On behalf of the agency, I certify that I have this day caused to be served a copy of the foregoing Final Order upon the following persons pursuant to 1 Pa. Code 33.31 : His trial in Philadelphia in the guns case is scheduled for April. In all, Vagnozzi raised over $50 million from more than 300 investors in life settlements between 2010 and 2019, according to SEC documents. In early 2020, he had a more downbeat financial message. Comments. In a new lawsuit, Vagnozzi blames Pauciulo for bad legal advice. Dean Graziosi is a leading world-class action taker! What is undisputed is that neither man informed investors that LaForte used aliases and started the firm shortly after serving prison terms for two convictions, for a $14 million real estate scam and running an illegal offshore gambling operation. Vagnozzi kept selling investments in policies purchased from Life Partners despite that firm's troubles. In his depositions with the SEC, Vagnozzi argued that radio ads and the rest didnt bump up against the SEC restrictions because his pitches were at a high level and avoided the nitty-gritty of the financial instruments he was recommending. Duke Energy Corporation. Chris Rollins Published: March 2, 2023. Indeed, LaForte entered a guilty plea to mortgage fraud on Oct. 4, 2006. He contends that he ordered Pauciulo to do a deep-dive, due-diligence background check on Par Funding, and that the lawyer reported back, There are no red flags. Pauciulo denies saying that and says the requested dive wasnt deep, but little more than an emailed quiz. Some of these are elderly people, he said. Dean Vagnozzi and John Pauciulo were genial partners in a growing financial business, for 16 years. In total, Vagnozzi raised $32 million from 339. But in court already, Vagnozzi and his former lawyer have exchanged blows regarding a crucial issue in the SEC case: Vagnozzis choice not to tell investors that Joseph LaForte, one of the founders of Par Funding, was a twice-convicted financial criminal. As this process broke down, Par Funding and A Better Financial Plan renegotiated their notes and created a new bank account which, Par Funding funneled more than $4 million into to pay off investors who refused to sign the new extended notes of which there were several, including the client who settled with Vagnozzi for $550,000. His criminal history includes a fraud conviction in which he and other family members set up a phony law firm to steal $14 million in home escrow money and a subsequent conviction involving an offshore gambling operation. There, he filed legal papers saying he learned about LaFortes record in late 2018 and not from Pauciulo but from a Bloomberg investigative news story reporting that Par Funding used enforcers to collect on loans with threats. Possible Owners. It was the last state funeral until Queen Elizabeth II's on 19 September 2022. In Lechtzins analysis, any Vagnozzi win over his former lawyer and his law firm wont restore his fortunes. Vagnozzi kept selling investments in policies purchased from Life Partners despite that firms troubles. His payback: $31,000. In those earlier filings, Vagnozzi also argued that there was no legal requirement that investors be told about LaFortes convictions. Vagnozzi also raised almost $5 million for the addiction-related software idea of a man who went by the name of Henry Ford, according to the SEC. READ MORE: In SEC fraud lawsuit, Par Fundings receiver squares off with adviser Dean Vagnozzi over money freeze. Since financial adviser Dean Vagnozzi was charged with fraud in a government lawsuit in July, he has been castigated by regulators for how he steered customers to Par Funding, a Philadelphia lender founded by a twice-convicted felon. One-Of-A-Kind! Earlier in June, the market lost more History was made on the tenth of June when the United States crossed the gas price rubicon. We get a few checks periodically, he said, but Id have been better holding on to my company stock.. Par Funding suspended payments to investors for two months this spring, then cut their returns by more than half. We have had one death, no payout to us they need the money [from that settlement] to pay premiums on other policies, said another investor, Dale Hood, a Montgomery County health insurance salesman. But Vagnozzis latest bet was on Par Funding, the Old City firm at the center of the SEC fraud suit. (Asbury University) The nonstop, two-week prayer session at Asbury University that brought tens of thousands of people from across the country to the Christian campus in Kentucky has finally ended. READ MORE: Par Funding threatened violence, trashed reputations after businesses took out loans at brutal interest rates, borrowers say. In July, federal financial regulators sued Vagnozzi, along with the owners of Par Funding and others, alleging they had defrauded 1,200 investors who put in nearly $500 million. Gioe is facing pending federal criminal charges related to a personal loan, not one made by Par. When you're looking for a financial advisor who will turn your usual standards on their head, Dean Vagnozzi is the perfect way to fit those needs. NBC News obtained a videotape of an investor pitch dinner in Nov. 2019 hosted by Dean Vagnozzi, head of an investment firm that raised money for Par and was sued by the SEC. ], Find out how you can submit Pardo bought four planes and a yacht along with such artifacts as replicas of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and a pharaohs throne. He invested in the life settlements in 2015 after attending one of Vagnozzis free meals. Shares in those funds are then shopped to individual investors. Age 54 (610) 763-4868. Though Par Funding operated mainly out of Philadelphia, the SEC filed its case in Florida, where Par Funding had moved its office in 2017. Golf has a reputation for creating business opportunities. Though an unusual business one Vagnozzi investor calls it creepy the field is thriving. All my assets were frozen. LaForte also faces federal firearms charges. Vagnozzi operates ABFP Vagnozzi has fought back against the SEC, rejecting its complaint as groundless. Feds: RI-based recovery center denied patients addiction treatment, stole millions from insurers, Pennsylvania doctor charged with prescription fraud, pocketing patients' pills, California: One states rocky and expensive road to single-payer, Brooks Tingle appointed president and CEO of John Hancock in leadership succession plan, Welcome to Sweetie Pies star Tim Norman sentenced to life in prison after murder-for-hire plot, The Murdaugh trial offers a reminder of the 'old South', What to know about Alex Murdaughs murder trial, Day 26 live updates: Alex Murdaugh prosecution tries to chip away at defense case, Women lag in retirement savings and are stressed out about it, study says, Study finds retirement confidence gap between men and women, 9 ways advisors can help women achieve a higher level of financial security, Insurtechs move to take on lagging business insurance market, 5 financial wellness behaviors that help build wealth. As September came to an end, Stumphauzer and the court set in motion requests for a jury trial which would take place in August of 2021 and outlined the schedule and deadlines from September 2020 to August 2021 in DE-279. For more information about the SEC case against Vagnozzi and Par Funding, SEC Receiver Ryan Stumphauzer set up a website where concerned citizens, investors, and others can access key documents to stay up-to-date as the case unfolds. 819, 849]. Posted in. One, Pillar 8 Life Settlement Fund LP, is made up of policies that cost investors a total of about $10 million, according to data shared with The Inquirer by an investor. If he gets a significant judgment from Eckert, well go after that, Lechtzin said. A few months later in 2020, Vagnozzi also warned clients that Par Funding was in financial trouble. But in April, he turned his fire in a new direction suing his old ally, Pauciulo, in Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia. Most of the people have reached their expected maturity. In email correspondence to clients during April 2020, Vagnozzi claimed that if investors didnt sign the new notes they could risk losing all of their investment money or spending thousands in legal fees to fight for what they are owed in court. According to government records, one of his firms this year received federal payroll aid, called a Paycheck Protection Program loan, of between $150,000 and $350,000. He posted a comment about that last week on Facebook: That was the most expensive dinner I ever had.. They often sell the policies to middlemen, who in turn sell them to investment funds, like those run by Vagnozzi. Vagnozzis account is different from what he said in court in Florida. I was holding my breath that it wouldnt come to that, but it did," Vagnozzi would say later in a deposition. On July 14, Vagnozzi and one of his companies agreed to pay a $95,000 penalty to settle accusations that he sold $32 million in Pillar funds to 339 investors without registering his products with the SEC as securities. The agency enumerated his radio ads, free dinners, and mailings and said he was improperly selling unregistered securities. Published by at 16 de junio de 2022. In time, his A Better Financial Plan grew to employ about 15 people. "I apologize for how poorly this fund has performed, he said. To potential investors dining free at Ruths Chris steak houses and the like, Vagnozzi would explain how they could avoid the markets up and downs. In his initial pleading before the SEC, Vagnozzi contended that he, too, had been in the dark about LaForte's criminal past. Pars merchant cash advance loans were another in the kind of unconventional investments Vagnozzi was looking for to supplement previous pitches, notably for investments in life-insurance policies sold at a discount by the elderly. Among other issues, the SEC claims that Par Funding hid that a founder, Joseph LaForte, was using aliases to keep secret his two prison terms for financial crimes, including a $14 million real estate fraud. And the agencys order said his heavy media buys and the dinners violated its rules limiting sales to the public when a security is not registered. Homeowners like Dean Vagnozzi Sharpen Their Short Gam July 14, 2020 - The Securities and Exchange Commission today filed settled charges against Philadelphia-based, LLC (d/b/a A Better Financial Plan, LLC) (ABFP) and its owner, Dean J. Vagnozzi, for selling more than $32 million in securities to retail investors in unregistered offerings and for together acting as an Jim Wollyung, 64, a retired Philadelphia trucking company employee, has invested $900,000 in Vagnozzi ventures since 2018. Ruiz appointed receiver Ryan K. Stumphauzer to wrest control of $150 million in assets from LaForte and his wife and from Vagnozzi and the other defendants. Ted's Bio; Fact Sheet; Hoja Informativa Del Ted Fund; Ted Fund Board 2021-22; 2021 Ted Fund Donors; Ted Fund Donors Over the Years. Days before the SEC filed suit, the couple made one last big purchase a pair of Patek Philippe watches for themselves, for a total of $154,000. He gave it up after about a year and his registration has since lapsed. He and his wife, Christa, have raised four children and live in a Collegeville house he valued for the court at $800,000. It turns out that Par is not the only Vagnozzi investment that has disappointed. Until Vagnozzi and Pauciulo turned against each other, they had been able to weather increasingly rocky weather together. READ MORE: Federal judge orders Par Funding to stay out of seized accounts after its staff accessed 100,000 records. Were about to hand out a million dollars to investors, Vagnozzis sister, Dana said, kicking off the gathering, "who had faith in my brother or who took a chance in our investments., Next, Vagnozzi introduced what he called my team, including the owners of Par Funding. He is, however, a licensed insurance salesman. In 2012, the SEC followed up on the Journal article with a lawsuit accusing Life Partners of fraud and Pardo of covering up the inaccurate life estimates. It later collapsed into bankruptcy amid SEC charges of fraud. He said he only learned about it in late 2018, two years after he began boosting Par Funding to investors. Vagnozzi told them not to worry, though. A Better Financial Plan, LLC. Many buyers, the agency found, lacked the wealth that the SEC rules require to make such investments. ", When SEC lawyers remained skeptical, he said of the attendees, they come for a free meal.. Stumphauzer also took control of art worth $2 million and a stable of luxury cars and boats from LaForte and McElhone. Among the exciting additions the donation will cover are two elite shelters with. Of the more than $4 million that was paid by Par Funding into the MK Corporate Debt account, more than $500,000 remained after settling with several investors. But the firm cut back returns to just 4% in early 2020. One early investor was Robert Sullivan, 60, manager of a Philadelphia transportation company. After John Dean gave his historic 1973 testimony on the Watergate scandal that eventually brought down the Nixon White House, he wanted to move on with his life. Nobody has missed a payment," he said. I was not on that board, and not present when paperwork was filled out and [investors] money sent in, he said. The investors must pay the premiums to keep up the policies, but collect the full amount when the sellers pass on. The Texas firm declared bankruptcy in January 2015, a month after a judge fined it $38 million in the SEC case. On page 2 of DE-227, the SEC wrote, We have already identified two significant transfers he [Vagnozzi] made to himself after the Courts entry of the Orders in this case, and we should not have to investigate to discover additional ones he might have made. They continued stating, This was the purpose of the sworn accounting, with which he [Vagnozzi] utterly failed to comply in full. Despite already receiving orders and being placed under receivership, Vagnozzi attempted to maneuver funds without disclosing them, which placed the safety of investors funds in jeopardy according to the SEC. His trial is pending. "Im going to keep pushing back on that. At times, Vagnozzi held payout dinners, similar to pep rallies where checks for massive amounts would be displayed and investors celebrate their returns. The Vagnozzis have made charitable gifts, too. On July 24, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), brought an emergency action against a number of individuals and entities, including but not limited to Dean J. Vagnozzi and his Pennsylvania-based company, A Better Financial Plan, for their roles in an alleged half billion dollar fraud scheme. Stumphauzer blocked Par employees from their emails, as they had accessed and downloaded more than 100,000 documents pertaining to company information more than two weeks after the judge had ordered their access be taken away. A third, filed by Philadelphia lawyer Clifford Haines on behalf of 17 people who set up pools that pumped nearly $50 million into Par, names just Pauciulo and his firm. Fund documents show that he was among 99 investors who put up about $12 million and were told they could reap $21 million. The stock market is brutalizing Wall Street investors, falling more than 17% year-to-date in August. was founded in 2004 by Dean Vagnozzi with a vision that flying in the face of conventional-but-flawed wisdom can produce results the average middle-class investor . I literally had only the money in my pocket, he wrote, referring to the period after the SEC brought its suit. There was enough to pay his friend $990,000/month to "manage" the fund while they investigated. It is hard to argue that Americans are not struggling in this economy, but politicians and the mainstream media are certainly trying. Retirement Media provides relevant and timely reporting on important financial retirement issues our readers care about most. March 2, 2023. The firm was in the "merchant cash business." (Vagnozzis business, too, said it was hit by the virus. He urged those who had invested in Par to stand up. Dean Vagnozzi takes a new look at the way people handle retirement: making your money work for you, rather than tucking it away where you can't access it until .more Get A Copy Kindle Unlimited $0.00 Amazon Stores Or buy for $19.99 Kindle Edition, 222 pages Published February 17th 2020 by Jenkins Group, Inc More Details. "What I can state, with 110% certainty, is that me or the staff at ABFP never misplaced or mishandled any investor dollars, not one penny, in any investment, EVER!. KING OF PRUSSIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2020 / Dean Vagnozzi is not your average financial planner. 2023 Retirement Media, Inc ., All Rights Reserved. Dean is the breath of momentum . A fourth defendant, Perry Abbonizio, 63, has also settled. He says he vigilantly looks out for his customers, hasnt mishandled any of their money and will be vindicated in court of the SEC complaint. The main event the federal civil fraud trial led by SEC lawyer Amie Riggle Berlin is scheduled for December. The evidence is that Dark Energy is responsible for the rate of expansion of the universe. On July 24, 2020 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit in United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida against defendants Par Funding, A Better Financial Plan and owner Dean Vagnozzi, along with several other individuals and entities. Now lives at 3872 Jane Ct, Collegeville, PA 19426. He said he became aware of it through an investigative news report. I write about people and money in our community and beyond. Vagnozzi then turned and sued Pauciulo and his firm in Pennsylvania in May, claiming the attorney hadn't investigated or revealed that PAR founder "Joe Mack" was in reality Joseph LaForte, whose. Financial adviser Dean Vagnozzi for years a presence in Philly radio ads has faced a 2020 full of challenges. After a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission in July revealed he was selling millions in unregistered securities to clients who were not wealthy enough to buy them under industry rules, his customers are probably calling Vagnozzi and . Dean Vagnozzi, the 46-year-old financial entrepreneur and President of A Better Financial Plan, LLC, believes in making your money work hard for you. Sir Winston Churchill, the British statesman, soldier, and writer who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War, died on 24 January 1965, aged 90. Every Friday on SiriusXM radio's The Dean Obeidallah show it's time for "What Just Happened? Pardo quit. Jobs Details. His court-filed financial reports list spending on trips to the Caribbean and Hawaii and outlays ranging from $18,000 at Govberg jewelry in Ardmore to $7,735 at the Coral Stone Club on Grand Cayman Island. When checks resumed, the rate was just 4%, half the previous one. Some now say they dodged a bullet. is panama city beach a good place to live; Vagnozzis brother, Albert, also a financial salesman and a township supervisor in Montgomery County, has sued Pauciulo, too. On the video, in which Par executives also appear, Vagnozzi promises investors returns of between 10 percent and 14 percent, saying that the outsized returns were possible . That later date means the 10-year disclosure window didnt shut until 2019, well after Vagnozzi had raised millions for Par from investors who were told nothing about LaForte. Only they didnt. Pars business model was to take in money from investors, pay them up to a generous 14% a year in interest, and to loan the money via cash advances to small merchants, charging them whopping rates of 50% or more. Many home shopping fans (including me) were shocked to hear the news that two long time, and popular QVC on-air hosts, Dan Hughes and Carolyn Gracie, had been let go.
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