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8 Essential Documents You Have To Keep in Your Safe

It is necessary to keep documents safe n secure to prove your identity in different fields, wherever it is needed. But there are certain...

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe and Happy

The Family should always come first. We see portrayals of happy families every day in our television shows, movies, and all other forms of...

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Purse Snatching

Handbag snatching and slashing are very common today. More and more women find themselves with the nightmare of having to begin blocking credit cards...

Top 3 Safety Tips During Earthquake

There are far too many people who live in zones where earthquakes are a problem but do not know how to handle one! The...

Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

Irrespective where you've parked your car, whether in your garage, the street outside your house or even in a public parking lot, an anti-theft...

Fail Selfie Next to Oncoming Train

We all know that selfies have become the in thing. Even the president has a couple and now everyone wants a piece of them....

How To Safely Drive In Foggy Conditions

Getting caught up in foggy weather is one of the worst experiences that any driver would want to go through. This is because the...