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3 Tips To Be Funny And Make People Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. One of the best ways to become a popular guy is to make others laugh. When we laugh, good...

Watch Funny Video When Son Prank His Mom

This funny video on this link below is awesome and shows how to prank a pranker Mom , Sounds great right !? You've got...

Most Funny Bathroom Prank

There is nothing better than a good prank, especially a bathroom prank. To do the joke, you will need a girl. It is preferable...

Must Watch Guy In Yoga Pants Pranks

Watch how a guy in tight leggins gets mistaken for a woman, as he is in really tight black leggins and he is in...

Avoid Common Workout Mistakes

There are a variety of reasons for people to go to gyms and health clubs. There are some who go there to indulge in...