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3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

Every wedding share some similar concepts that make things look so ambiguous. You can alter this by coming up with 3 perfect easy ways...

The Most Hilarious Fall in women’s handball

Awkward accidents happen all the time in sports. Most of the time, we don't like these accidents, but there are also times where they're...

How to Impress a Woman With a Funny Dance !

The name of this brand new dance is? We do not know. Thought there was one, but it is easy to learn. Who needs...

Surprise Wedding Performance with Harlem Shake Dance

A wedding is usually an event that has so many expectations. To some people it is the day to make history that they have...

Best Flour Hair Dryer Funny Prank

Do you have a pesky sister or annoying female roommate? You know, the type to wake up extra early and blast their hair dryer...