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Story Behind Buzzed Shared Photo’s In Social Media

Recently we see photo's of a guy with a lot of girls and young women in social networks like Facebook or telegram app or...

3 Cool Things You Can Do When You Feel Lonely

Loneliness is a feeling of emptiness. There are times in a relationship when someone feels lonely. It can be for the straightforward reason of...

3 Tips For Avoiding Social Media On Workplace

Globally the continuing use of social networking has led to a strong side effect on people.Currently many people use social media outside workplace mostly...

Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Cool With GIF

Social networking has just got that much better since Facebook has just opened up a whole new world of profile pics for many of...

5 Tips to Get More Organic Reach for Your Facebook Page

Basically, although Face book was originally created for most of the young people; it just took many entrepreneurs a short duration of period to...

Top 5 Tips To Get More Likes On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world today boasting millions of users across the globe. It a suitable platform...

The New Belly Button Challenge Is Going Viral

The belly button challenge entails wrapping your arm around the waist to determine whether you can touch your belly button. The new challenge that...

Luxurious Life of Rich Kids of Tehran

Recently on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram new pages has been opened with title of Rich kids of Tehran. The Rich Kids...

Facebook Purchases Whatsapp for $19 Billion – Huge Silicon Valley Deal

Facebook has announced the purchase of mobile messaging service Whatsapp in a deal worth $19 billion, representing the company’s largest ever acquisition. Mark Zuckerberg,...

20 Things You Should Never Do When You First Start Dating

The first stage of a relationship or courtship when people start dating is definitely the most important time of the relationship or courtship. It...