3 Tips For Writing Strong Comedy Movie


Before you take your time to write a comedy movie, the first step you ought to take is to read and watch as many comedy movies as you can. Make several visits to the library, go through various comedy books, tapes, videos.

You could even consider locking yourself away to watch the comedy movies until they become part of your life. This actions will help identify those things that have already been done earlier and also you get to know what it entails to be funny. Many people find it hard to come up with a funny comedy movie, hence this write-up is solely intended to give you 3 sure-fire tips for writing a strong comedy movie.

Make good use of reversals

Writing a funny comedy movie could prove pretty easy if you factor in the use of reversals such as; using complicated jokes, sarcasm, slapstick, repartee and even employing the use of comic set pieces. Comedy is all about going against audience expectations. Since comedy screenwriting is all about getting to know the audience expectations and then you subvert them, reversals therefore reversal automatically become the blueprint for building your screenplay.

Identify that less obvious joke

Try as much research as you can, so that you can avoid using those jokes that someone else has already thought of and even used in his/her comedy movie. Try to identify those funny moments that you could have experienced in the past and try to manipulate so as to capture the attention of the audiences. It is important to note that though some ideas that have be used before could still be funny, they often feel stale because many audiences feel like is too much. Therefore, if in any case you choose a location that has been earlier done in other movies and screenplays, it is advisable to add more twists to the entire set up so as to make it not look exactly as any other comedy movie the audiences have encountered before.


It is often said that two heads are better than one. Therefore, if you want to get the best piece of comedy movie, you should not work in isolation. Try by any means to get comedy ideas from the people in your locality. Furthermore, to test your humor, it is recommended that you throw some funny ideas at your family members or anyone who is listening. It could be better if you find a group of up to 10 screenwriters and brainstorm your ideas in the group.




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