5 Tips For Getting The Most Perfect Wedding DJ


Everyone wants the best out of the special day they get married, planning a wedding can be a daunting task and if you don’t set your priorities right, you may end up forgetting some important details.

The things most bride and grooms focus on are the dresses, cake, venue, vendors and the photographer forgetting about the wedding dj.The role a dj plays in your wedding is great it determines what your guests will be saying after the day is done. It is therefore important to select a professional and experienced one. As much as this may sound easy it is actually a tough job and adequate research is needed

Here are some guidelines to assist you make the right decision:
It is of much benefit for you to know whether the dj does the job as a hobby or as a profession, this is to ensure you don’t get disappointed on your special day because apart from playing music a wedding dj should have other skills such as emcee and some knowledge on how to plan a wedding and they should be experienced. He or she should be able to suggest good ideas that you may have not thought of.

How much a dj charges varies depending on the individual, so it is proper to choose one that fits your wedding budget. It is paramount to be realistic and don’t shy away from stating the amount you plan on spending. Remember that not all cheap services are the best so you should spend a little more to cater for your service.

Knowing what type of dj you want is very essential you need to find one that you can work together with so as to make the day memorable, there are several types of dj’s the entertainers and those who play the music and others that are barely noticeable. You should ask around for reviews from friends and colleagues who may have had reputable experiences.

Remember this is your day therefore you should let him know what type of music you really love. You should also select a playlist of what you think your guests will enjoy, a professional dj will be able to get the whole place lively and should also involve everyone’s taste.

A professional dj should be well equipped with good music and PA systems that will ensure a flow in your music and get your guests entertained depending on your choice some wedding djs also provide lighting it is important to consider the size of your venue in advance so as to determine what kind of lighting suits it.

At the end of the day it is your happiness at stake, so you should not shy away from addressing what you expect done by your wedding Dj it is important to book for the services earlier in advance to avoid last minute rush. Remember the best Djs are the most busy people and so getting them may be very difficult.


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