Top 5 Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a seasoning used for both salty and sweet dishes and it is also known to fire up the working of the central nervous system. As you may possibly know, Honey is a widely used natural sweetener which contains non toxic properties i.e. fruits and vegetables.

Combining Honey and Cinnamon has its medicinal values and health benefits which are mentioned below.

  1. Decreases Your Bad Cholesterol Levels.

Combining these two natural ingredients gives one the ability to effectively lower his or her cholesterol levels. Studies show that by mixing two table spoons of Honey with three tea spoons of Cinnamon, you will be able to create a mixture that has the aptitude to reduce your cholesterol levels by 10% in just a period of 2 hours.

  1. Remedy for Arthritis.

These ingredients are known for treating arthritis and people have countless reported to have witnessed tremendous improvement in their conditions just a few days after taking in the mixture twice a day. The types of these two ingredients that are used as a remedy for arthritis are the Ceylon cinnamon and raw honey respectively.

  1. A Remedy for Cold, Sinus and Cough.

Cinnamon and Honey have the ability to dry a cough and cure sinus in a short span of time. Taking the mixture has also been proven to relieve cold for people who have problems with taking in cold drinks. Take in a quarter tea spoon of Cinnamon and a table spoon of Honey and by doing this frequently, you will treat chronic coughs, a clogged sinus and even cold.

  1. Helps With Diabetes.

Anyone suffering from Diabetes type 2 should consume a combination of these two natural ingredients which is well known for reducing blood sugar levels in the body. You can easily take in this mixture by adding both of these two to your oat meal in the morning together with your favorite cup of tea.

  1. Helps In Weight Loss.

Many people have the notion that Honey is not good for weight loss not knowing that actually helps because it has healthier ingredients compared to white sugar.

Make a mixture of one table spoon organic Honey combined with one tea spoon of Ceylol cinnamon, then add a glass of water to the mixture and allow it to soak for up to 15 minutes. Take this mixture twice a day i.e. half in the morning and the other half before going to bed.

There are numerous health benefits of these natural ingredients but we have picked out the top 5 health benefits of them to help anyone who has the above mentioned conditions.

The combination of these two has been used for many years to enhance the body’s general health and also for medicinal purposes. The mixture also has other benefits like providing remedy for conditions such as memory loss, ulcers, wound healing, herpes, anal itching and leg cramps.

In conclusion, a mixture of Honey and Cinnamon can guarantee you ease for a stomach upset, lessen gas and also improve your digestion.

Create a mixture of a half tea spoon of Cinnamon and one table spoon of Honey mixed in a warm glass of water. Take this mixture on an empty stomach after mixing it well.



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