3 Reasons Why Exercise Not Helps You Lose Weight


Ever spend your time on a treadmill all week long and at the end of the week you find out that you have not shade a single pound.Well, you are not alone or going mad at all. If you want to lose weight, you will have to burn more calories than you consume daily.

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  1. Exercises are good for fighting diseases not weight lose

Exercise or workout can help you burn calories, but it will never help you lose weight at all. In fact fat and all manner of food that you eat will never be checked by simply hitting the gym. There is increasing evidence that exercise makes you fat and gain more muscles.

Workouts are especially good in helping your body fight diseases and preventing cases of being overweight, but you cannot achieve a lean body with exercises. You are probably familiar with idea of taking a walk to diminish your hung pangs; this is a fallacy that has been told over and over.

However, by taking a walk you will end up eating the wrong kind of foods and gain more weight.The chocolate that you take after taking a long walk or spending the whole day in the gym can reverse the entire process.

Research indicate that most people that work out make their metabolism run faster and as a result they would want to reward themselves after working out.

2. Exercises are used as rewarding scenarios and raising hormones

They will go for a banana, but they actually do not know that they are adding more calories. This is the reason that exercises are not the recommended dose for losing weight; in fact the more you workout, the more you will feel hungry and eat more.

Working out is attribute to raising hormones in your body which can make you hungry and improve your appetite over time. If you happen to be stressed out and you go to the gym to lose weight, you are raising a hormone called cortisol.

This is a fighting hormone that is dangerous for your health and body. It makes you hungry and wants to eat anything that is around you without thinking.

Worse of it, the hormone allows your body to store fat. This is the same fat that will prevent you losing weight and developing other diseases of the heart. If you find that you are stressed and want to lose weight, you can do better by sleeping and relaxing first.

3. Exercises are energy straining

The latest trend in training to lose weight involves high interval intensity training; this type of work out is termed as effective and it can help you lose weight in a matter of weeks. It does sound impressive, but in reality you will not lose weight.

Studies shows that people after doing the intervals, they resort to eating and they can hardly complete the training. This is because the whole process is energy straining and makes you really hungry. The only clear way that you can lose weight is checking on what you eat and your diet.

This means that you are in control of the foods that you purchase in order to lose weight. The next time that you are advised on going for exercises, you should think really hard.


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