5 Tips to Set Life Goals For Success and Happiness


Life is wide with all manner of exposures and milestones to achieve. What is interesting is that with or without goals, milestones will always be on the way.

Depending on the impact and results of the barriers in life, one can determine how successful they are in life. However, in order to be successful, you must have something you endeavor to achieve, a dream.

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Life goals

As long as you are living, you must have a vision of how the future will be for you. With the recent civilization, careers are part of life goals. These visions must have a way to achieve them, a mission. In order to enjoy success, the milestones must be out of the obvious. After all, one gets a reward when they surpass the norm and remain outstanding.

Planning is not easy as most people want to dwell in the comfort zone. This zone has very little happiness and achievements since they is nothing to work for. Achievements will always motivate you to overcome the next milestone. With this, you have a positive mindset about life and you can achieve more of your dreams. Here are tips to setting and achieving successful life goals:

1. Start where you are

Success is a progressive journey and the far you have come is still some achievement. It is therefore important to determine the current location in terms of the course of life that you took. If you have not yet decided on what course to follow, decide now, as this is the first step towards success and happiness. Ensure it follows your dreams and visions.

2. Set and determine goals

This is the most crucial step since it will define what path your life will take. While outlining the goals, they should be clear and specific. Generalization is suicidal since you will have many options and you end up achieving nothing.

Short term

These are milestones to achieve within less than five years. Since they require little time to achieve, they should be straight to the point.

Long term

They are mostly career achievements that can go up to a decade. They define the bigger picture that one has about life.

3. Screening the goals

This step requires a positive and determined mindset. You have the many goals you want to achieve but you will not achieve them all at once. Creating some order on how to go about them is another tip to success. It will prevent half-achievements since there is some schedule to follow.

NOTE: Some milestones are not very demanding and you can combine them, if you are sure that you can make them happen.

4. How to achieve

Here is where you will need to motivate yourself towards success and happiness. The mission towards the set milestones should be clear and have details. For instance, if you want to go higher in your career, the mission could be perhaps increasing your education. If it is investing in a decade’s time, then saving will be part of how to achieve this.

5. Start now

With all things set, the time to begin working on them is now. Procrastination is suicidal to success and happiness and it causes regret. As you start achieving the milestones, it is important to reward yourself as this will motivate you.


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