5 Signs Tell You About of Bad Luck


There have been many superstitions over the years that have tried and come up with, many signs which are explained to either bring good luck to an individual or bad luck.

These signs and symbol range from natural living and non-living things and there is always a big explanation behind them all.That is why in this article I will take you through five of the many signs that are believed to either bring good luck or bad luck.

A black cat is crossing in front of your path can be explained as one of the signs of bad luck that people have believed in over the many years. Although many people keep cats as pets, black cats specifically were identified as a symbol of bad luck mainly because they have been traced to be among the domestic animals which were kept by witches who are believed to have existed back in time and like every myth says, witches were mostly not good people and hence this is why a black cat has been associated with bad luck.

Breaking a Mirror is the other act that has always been associated with bad luck. For many years people have lived believing that dropping and breaking a mirror could lead you into a spree of bad luck that can last for up to even seven years! This has always been based on the belief that mirrors hold peoples souls hence when you break it you doom yourself into bad luck. There have also been ways in which people believe they can break this “curse” after breaking the mirror and among them is picking up the pieces of the mirror and ensuring that you crash all of them into powder.

Three sixes in a row (666) is another sign that has been associated with bad luck evil things for many years. This sign can be traced from the bible where the author of the book of Revelation used the number to represent the mark of the devil and thus since then it has been associated with anything evil and full of bad luck.

Walking under a ladder has been considered as a sign of bad luck especially among the Christians. This is explained in that when a ladder is leaning over a wall it completes a triangle and hence breaking that triangle in any way was considered to be very blasphemous and it was usually followed by bad luck. The religion therefore encouraged its people to avoid breaking the triangles and that is what has led to this particular superstition.


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The other symbol that has always been associated with bad luck is when someone starts to go somewhere an after covering a small distance he or she comes back again. This has for long been considered as a sign of bad luck because it is believed that when you come back and break the journey then it is the ancestors who are trying to protect you from the bad luck but if you go back and continue with the journey again then it is believed that you will likely have a bad luck on the way. This sign can be traced back among African communities.

Therefore, those five signs are just among the many that influence the human psychology into thinking certain things/activities lead to bad luck. One can choose to believe in them or not but scientifically they have not been proven.


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