3 Funny Classic Hand Games You Can Play


Classic hand games have been played over the years and they trace back from the early 90’s. These games are normally played by kids but also adults can join in the fun like by grandparents or parents teaching their grandchildren or kids how to play the games.


Playing the games with the kids is very enjoyable. They are fun and absolutely rule whether they are played outdoors or outside during break time or while on a long car drive or bus ride during traveling or a trip. It is an absolute way to pass and kill time. They involve clapping and hand movements accompanied by songs with entertaining lyrics. The lyrics to the songs vary from place to place for they are regional. In some regions the games are played to enable kids to learn a few words of the English language easily and in an entertaining way as they sing along the lyrics of the songs. Commonly known classic hand games include; Rock Paper Scissors, Thumb Wrestle, What Hand is it in, Miss Mary Mack many more others.

1. Rock, Paper, Scissors

This hand game is quick, easy and very addictive to kids and also adults. Some people usually play the game in fun simple decision making situations to ascertain who will go first or do something or take something in situations where they cannot settle on a general decision or in settling disputes. The one who wins is the one who makes the decision. Example playing rock paper scissors to decide who will clean the house or cook food. The game is simply played on the count of three with each player throwing his or her fist into the middle and make either a rock, scissors or paper. Fist makes rock, holding out hand flat makes paper and extending middle and index fingers makes scissors. In situation where players make similar gestures, the game still goes on until winner is decided by intransitive or harmonic way. Rock crushes scissors, the scissors cuts paper and paper covers rock.

2. Thumb Wrestle

This is a timeless hand game full of fun diversion in any sad boring or dull moment. It is simply played by holding and clasping hands so that the fingers curl together and the thumbs face each other while pointing upwards. Then players or opponents count, “One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war”. Objective of hand game is to pin down opponents thumb to his or her hand.To win the hand game, one player should pin opponent’s thumb long enough to shout or say, “One, two, three, four, I won the thumb war,” without removing grip on it.

3. Which Hand Is It In?

Players, usually kids delight in this object disappearing hand game. All that is needed is something small or tiny enough like a marble, penny or small rolled up piece of paper to hide in your fist which cannot be seen easily when put inside the fist. Put hands behind the back, hiding the object then show both fists and let other player or players to guess which hand conceals the object. The game is even fun by promising to keep object or price once it is found.

In addition to this basic hand games, Miss Mary Mack, which is a hand clapping game is a fun game to play. This is a classic hand clapping game dating from the civil war but its exact origin still is a mystery. It is similar to Pat-a-Cake but a more complex version involving pinkie hooks, knee slaps and more. The game is played while singing along lyrics of the song while clapping hands and slapping knees.The lyrics make little sense like who is Miss Mary Mack and why does it cost 50 cents only to go to the zoo but it is fun game to play. Have Fun !



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