5 Tips to Make Your Wedding More Fun


Weddings are basically fun by definition, except that if your main goal is to make your one and only big day a more fun and memorable moment for your all your family member and friends, you’ll be needed to focus your concentration on your guests. Guests have in most cases been to limitless weddings and can easily forecast what’s coming next.

So in order to make it more fun, you need to employ the following five ways

Concentrate on the personal, not the impressive.

A colorful wedding doesn’t have to be very expensive or elegant in order for it to be more fun and great. It can either be in a huge ballroom or just in your backyard, you may have over 300 people or just 30 people, it can be held at the mountain or just in church. It doesn’t matter, provided that you’re excited enough about it. It is good to note that the bottom line is that your visitors are there since they want to celebrate and share joy with you, not because they need free shrimp or want to fritter a few hours in the chicest event space in the city.

So, if a wedding is decorated beautifully and the food on the other hand is the finest money can buy, then people will ahh and ooh, but really what they will not forget most is if they had some fun. And therefore, you don’t need filet Mignon , $350 centerpieces or monogrammed napkins in order for you to have a good time but you can have just as much more fun even by drinking Budweiser’s , eating tacos, and dancing like crazily with the people you like the most worldwide So never be fancy for fancy’s sake but concentrate on what reflects who you are especially as a couple and people will definitely eat it up.

Respect both the people’s time and money.

When you’re considering at how much money to shell out for everything right from food to favors, it can be simple to slip into the state of mind that you’re doing guests a favor by inviting them and that thus they should be cheerful to go along with whatever you need them to do and bring you a nice gift among other. However, this is never the case. So long as your guests may love you, they’ll be required to inconvenience themselves by either taking time off of their other duties, paying for airfare, buying a new dress, hiring a babysitter etc in order for them to attend to your big day. Therefore to ensure more fun in your wedding day, every decision you come up with prior to that day should be made with all those inconveniences in mind. {Of itinerary, friends or family will have to offer to go beyond, don’t be scared to lean on them for assistance in and with whatever the logistics}

Plan and then plan some more.

Whether it’s super chill or fancy, on shoestring or expensive, you will be required to invest some serious attention in planning any more fun and good wedding. You’re greeted to obsess about flower girl dresses and tablecloth colors, but be convinced to pour just as much moment into thinking as regards to the less glamorous logistical side of events and things. This is because; no matter how welcoming and personal you mean it to be, if you don’t go through the basics things, then a wedding can go off the rails very fast and of no fun at all. So, regardless of the setting, there are little things your visitors will need no matter the type of food, bathrooms, drinks and someplace to sit.

Engage all your guests.

When you deeply get into wedding planning, it’s simple to start thinking of the visitors as just but a huge block of nameless, anonymous heads that will eat particular amount of food and cost you such amount of money. But certainly they are not. When you stop to think about it they may be your college roommate. This may sound dim, but as you go through the wedding planning, try as much as possible to envision all your actual family and friends piloting the wedding you’re laying out.

Take pictures of your guests

This sounds obvious, yet it’s often overlooked; ensure that you or your photographer is offered plenty of shots especially of your guests enjoying themselves. Nevertheless, this might be one and only few times in the year where they’re nicely dressed up to their best, and they’ll be glad about having some shots of them looking so hot.



It is good to treat your guests to a little flutter with great favor idea for your guests and inclusion of even games such as blackjack, roulette and poker which can provide the perfect chance for everyone to seamlessly mix from day into the night with lots of fun.



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