KIA K9 Luxury Sedan Great Feature


Can you believe that one modern sedan can have all that you might want? Including advanced technology, rear-wheel drive, balanced proportions and still look luxuriously nice wherever you drive with it. All this and much more is possible with KIA K9 Luxury Sedan that is available on the market since 2015.

One of great features that is definitely worth mentioning is 5.0 L and V8 engine with 420 hp. Top speed is 149 mph, achieving 60 km/h in 5.4 seconds. These capabilities are more than enough for advanced driver or even selective one.

The developers have also thought about exterior which is the second stunning feature. Auto is equipped with chrome allow wheels, overall chrome accents, the overall design is purposeful. The car is available in different colors like black, silver and some others,

Talking about exterior we cannot also forget about interior. This Flagship Sedan has great and well-thought seats and devices. The sets are made from Nappa leather indicating high quality and giving elegant look. Additionally, there are wood-grain trims thus adding even more to comfort.

When driving KIA K9, you can also be sure that developers have thought about easy and reliable control. This is worth mentioning feature as standard on board navigation system allows to have great and dynamic 9.2-inch interference that will make it easier to know where you going and some other important information. This technology is modern also due to the reason that it has speech recognition thus allows to operate easily without using your hands. Hands-free is also Bluetooth connection. USB devices and internal hard drive are just additional comport issue that is a must to have.

For security, the car has a Feature like side-impact door beams. A and B pillars are reinforced. 8 additional airbags will help to avoid any unwanted situation for any person in the car. Some of them are used as additional collision protection as they make as side curtains as well as typically mounted in front and rear seat.

The well-balanced Luxury Sedan can be a great car for different people. It makes the drive comfortable, fast and safe. This was part of the list of 5 best features that this car has but, of course, there are much more. The performance goes together with design providing a luxurious look and making also the driver feel better about the car and its value. This car definitely gives notion of power.


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