5 Signs You Have A Perfect Husband


When you find yourself in a great relationship, you know that you need to hang onto it. Although marriages always have ups and downs, here are some signs that your husband is worth all the effort.

Source: SMOL

1. He is willing to communicate

There is nothing more frustrating in a relationship than trying to communicate with someone who won’t listen or doesn’t want to respond. A great husband may not be perfect when it comes to talking about his feelings and yours, but he will make an effort when he sees that it is important to you. Because excellent communication is so important in a love relationship, this quality is vital. The only way to meet each others needs is to begin by knowing what they are. And the only way to understand each others needs is to listen when they talk about them.

2. He is faithful

A perfect husband is content in his marriage. If your husband resists the urge to explore attractions to other women or engage in flirtations with them, then he is indeed a wonderful husband. Faithfulness involves not just avoiding physical dalliances, but also avoiding forming deep emotional connections that could threaten the marriage, or engaging in fantasies that could be harmful to the marriage.

3. He is there when you need him When you need someone to talk

the best husband makes himself available. When you need support, he shows up. Even when life gets in the way, this is a man you know you can count on to do his best for you. You never question his love, because you always know he will be there for you when you need him the most.

4. He supports you

Your husband has his own goals and ambitions in life, but does he understand what you aspire to? An excellent husband knows exactly what you want from life (because he listened when you communicated it to him). Not only does he know what you want, but he is willing to work just as hard to help you achieve your goals as he is to accomplish his own. He will never disparage or criticize what you are trying to do, but he will do what he can to help you get to where you want to be.

5. He understands what you need

Whether you are the type of person who likes a surprise gift, an extra cuddle or just a long talk, a great husband has a pretty good idea of what it is that you need. Every woman has different needs and preferences in a relationship, but those needs also change with time and circumstances. If your husband can tell the difference between the night you need a chocolate sundae and a long talk, and the night when you just need to be left alone to soak in the tub with a novel, then your relationship deserves to go the distance.
A perfect marriage takes hard work, and if your husband does the five things listed above, then he is willing to put in the effort to make your love last.



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