New iPhone 7 Cool Concept Design and Features


The release of the new iPhone 7 is rumored to happen this fall of 2016, yet Apple fanatics are already flooding the Internet with cool design concepts, expectations, and rumored features the much anticipated smartphone will showcase. We have five features below that are allegedly included in the upgraded specifications of the upcoming iPhone model.

Water and shatter resistance

Analysts forecast that sapphire will be the chosen material for the iPhone 7 screen. Sapphire glass is claimed to be virtually impervious to scratches and notches stronger than the current glass screen model. iPhone 7 is also projected to be water resistant. Apple’s main competitors have already introduced waterproof models, so it’s not likely that Steve Job’s brand will back down from the challenge.

The thinness of a 6.1 mm iPod Touch

Apple popularized the “thin and broad” ideal of beauty and coolness in phones. As a result, people expect the company to release products that fit the smartphone ideal. Apple fans will want to buy the rumor about the iPhone 7 being as thin as a 6.1mm iPod Touch. To be accurate, the rumors claim that the manufacturers are working around 6.1 to 6.5mm range of thinness.

Wireless headphones and stereo speakers

One of the iPhone’s flaws is its speaker audio’s performance. This seemingly founded information leak attests that the phone’s headphone jack had to go and will make way for a supplementary amp speaker made by Cirrus Logic, making it compete against Chinese brands and even the most recent phone models from Google. To fill the needs of reclusive audiophiles, Apple is also believed to release wireless earbuds for their next phone model. Apple is said to add enhanced noise reduction features that targets background noise in playbacks and calls.


Dual-lens camera

Linx Imaging, an Israeli photo-image tech company bought by Apple, is thought to be the manufacturer of the upcoming model’s dual rear camera. Other enhanced light reception, than dual-lens system also works provides camera zooming advantages, eliminating the need for protuberant lenses. This particular feature may be just a result of Apple’s plans to make the iPhone more compact and snappy.


Wireless charging

Apple wants to push mobility to another level by eliminating all instances that will require an iPhone user to stay in one place. The company is reported to be working with companies that can provide any technology that enables phone-charging even from small distances of using wireless induction, probably with the use of a recharging sheet or mat.



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