3 Things You Should Never Do on Your Wedding Day


A little Do and Don’t planning before your wedding day can go a long way, to ensure you can feel relaxed and calm ready to soak in every moment of the most special day of your life.

Most brides are smart enough to plan the to do list’, but you can go a step further and plan your not to do list’ as well.

Don’t try new cosmetics or Jewellery for the first time on your wedding day: This may seem like a no smart people but a majority of brides forget this golden rule. If you have hired a professional makeup artist he/she might suggest additional tricks to spice up your look or ensure glowing skin with a face pack you might have never tried before.Make sure you politely refuse using any new makeup or cosmetic products, even if they guarantee that it is a holy grail of beauty. To be on a more safer side, have a trial session with your professional makeup artist/ hair stylist etc a month prior to the wedding day and let them know what works for you and what does not. The last thing you want is a nasty rash on your wedding day.


Don’t drink too much: As fun as it seems watching a viral Social Media videos of a bride making a complete fool of herself, you wouldn’t want to be that bride,trust us on this one. A glass of champagne or may be wine might help you calm those wedding nerves, but anything more than that would be totally uncalled for. Also don’t forget to eat a little before the wedding ceremony, you have a long day of smiling, dancing and being merry ahead of you, how do think you will manage without any stamina.


Don’t forget to Have a little fun: When you walk down memory lane someday after many years have passed, you will not remember if your flower arrangement was perfect, if you fit in your wedding gown like a Victoria’s secret model, you will even forget the decor and food arrangements. The stuff that will remain in your memories is the look on your grandma’s face while you walked down the aisle, your first kiss with your new husband, your family on the dance floor and the magic in the air, so don’t be an over planned no fun bride. Don not forget candid pictures make the most beautiful memories.


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