Watch People Funny Reaction When Girl Farts !


Excuse me but , did you just fart? those terrible words we never want to hear from anybody, even if we do not know them at all. And I mean, farting is a just part of a physiological process, we should not be embarrassed about it, but for some social reason, it is not a very educated act.

Let’s be real, if you were at a grocery store, and somebody just simply farts, what would you do? Would you confront the person about the fact? Or would you fake nothing happened? Well, probably most of you would have pretended that it was a weird noise or something (which is the nicest way to react, by the way), but there is always that person who (for some weird reason, we are not sure why yet) decides to start asking “OMG somebody just fart, it was not me you know, was that you?
So the guys from this cool Video channel  decided to create this prank were 2 individuals: one girl and one guy, walk through a super-market, then they find somebody who is normally looking stuff, and suddenly one of them farts. Then, after some long uncomfortable silence, the girl starts telling the complete stranger: “That was not me, that’s so gross!” You have to see the people’s faces, what a reaction!
Of course, people acted a little shocked at the first moment, but when this girl they just met on a store starts telling them that they farted in public, things start getting real! It is so fun to watch these people trying to convince the girl that they we’re not the ones that farted, but the funniest thing is that you know it is all planned, not like it looks planned though.
So get ready for the next time you go to the public store since you never know if you are going to be part of some Funny prank!



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