Watch It ! They Put More Creativities Than the Movies Do


The United States of America is home to many innovative minds and the biggest people. This video shows the ingenuity of a two best friends who finally achieved their ultimate goal of getting an awesome BOGO deal at a local Regal Cinema by combining their masses and being the facade of a somewhat overzealous eater.

With a little handicraft and testing, Bo and Matthew pulled off what most would consider impossible; They tricked the world into believing they were one in the same.
With countless layers of clothes and contortion, Matthew camouflaged himself and the two of them became one being. This was no easy task, however. It took them several alpha and beta formats to get the mix that looked believable. They tried the simple way of stepping into the other’s pants to start, but that yielded poor results. Four feet sticking out from one pair of pants is just tacky to say the least.
They rethought their strategy and decided that Matthew should latch onto Bo from the front and cover himself with a couple shirts and some extra wide pants. Oddly enough, this actually looked believable. Just a plus sized man with an oddly sized head. Not such a big deal here in the USA. With this wonderful plan set in place, they were finally ready to take their two-man show to the big screens of Regal Cinemas Upon arriving, they suited up and hunkered down to get past the extensive security protocols of Regal Cinemas. Surprisingly they easily got past the checkers and the ticket collectors with no one questioning them or stopping them. No one even stared! It is really interesting to see how all the people around them undisturbed by the sheer size of there two’s clever trick.
Once they reach the elevator, they are home free. The two of them disengage their clever cloaking strategy and prepare to enjoy the awesomeness of Avengers. Its not shameful to be a tad jealous and awed by the tenacity of these two young men.



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