Watch Champion Swimmer Surprise Marriage Proposal


Love is a beautiful feeling more so when it is true and mutual to both is something many people would want to have in their lives.It is amazing when this love is cemented through the beautiful union of marriage.

The issue of proposing to one’s better half has continually given bachelors who wish to settle down in marriage a hard time. All men wish to make a unique yet beautiful proposal to their partners, one that will forever remain etched in their girlfriend’s hearts, minds and soul. There are several ways through which partners especially men propose to their girlfriends.

U.S Olympic Champion Swimmer Matt Grevers pulled off an interesting and a unique marriage proposal to his girlfriend. This caught his girlfriend Annie Chandler, who is a fellow swimmer by surprise. Annie, who had moments before putting a medal on Matt after he was crowned champion was caught unawares as she attempted to walk away after giving a congratulatory hug to her boyfriend. She was shocked beyond words when Matt gently came down, knelt on one knee and showed her the ring and requested her to marry him as the crowd cheered. Overcome by mixed emotions of both shock and joy she passionately hugged her boyfriend after accepting his proposal.

This interesting marriage proposal is not new in the world of sport as a number of sporting champions are known to have proposed to their significant other in the course of their sporting events. This one, however, was a unique way of showing love.




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