3 Reason Some Girls Known as Gold Diggers


The power of love has remained iconic since the inception of humanity. It is interesting to note that most relationship do not thrive because of love; they run because of other interests.

This might come as a surprise to those who are not savvy about the dynamics of relationship. It is a known fact that some girls go into relationship simply for pecuniary benefits. Many would not like to be termed Gold diggers but the features that play out in each relationship might point to this direction. Before we look at 3 reasons why Girls are often referred to as Gold diggers; it is important to mention that this guide must be applied on a case by case basis.

1. Most Girls enter into relationships for Economic Gains

It is a major point of friction when a Man finds out that the woman he loves does not feel the same way. Most relationship experts might attribute this scenario to various postulation; however, I would try to keep it simple. Some Women believe that a Man is meant to meet their needs. This includes taking them on shopping sprees, traveling round the world and so much more. They look for the most likely individual that can give them what they fantasize about. This drives them to a relationship that would meet their demands and they do not mind as long as the Man has the economic wherewithal. Love is not a factor because it is assumed that when the time to make a full commitment comes, they would find a way to deal with it.

2. They date Several Men

It is not uncommon to find that a woman can keep 2 to 3 men as her lovers. She does this to increase her chances of making multiple sources of diverse benefits. This simply makes them become what most people would call Gold Diggers. It is not possible for a woman to love 3 men equally. The question that comes to mind is: What is the goal in each of the relationship that she is into? The girls in question would give various justifications for this act but it all boils down to very nefarious ends. Although, there has been many cases of such relationships causing a boomerang in the life of most women; this has not stopped the act. It is important to note that men can also discover if they are the only ones in the life of a woman; by putting her love to test. This must be reasonably done so that you know where you stand.

3. It is a norm in some circles

There are different factors that influence the relationship decision of most girls. These Social and cultural alignments define what they see as ideal. In certain circles, relationships are seen as an escape from economic deprivation. No one talks about love as it is not considered a major issue when going into a relationship. It might startle you to know that certain cultures applaud Gold Diggers as smart and industrious women. It would be a herculean task to correct this position no matter how hard you try. Based on the above, it is wise to have an idea of the culture of the woman you intend to date. This does not mean that love must not have the final say but it gives you a good background knowledge to work with. There is no harm in getting all the facts before you fully commit to a woman.



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