Funny Sport Channel Commercial at Massage Room


The thing about TV Ads is being creative, but what makes sports commercial advertisements funny is how you connect a massage session with sports to make a commercial video. A good example of such an advertisement is this.

Here are tow tips to create creative and attractive advertisement  :

  1. The first thing every business owner that wants a creative advertisement that will stick out to the consumer needs to remember is that their advertisements needs to stick out, meaning don’t just write down that you have a certain product at a specific price, but show window views, pictures of happy customers using the product, and be sure that it’s something that your competition wouldn’t be able to provide for their customers, making your business seem to pop out more when the customer is looking at your advertisements whether they be online, on a billboard, on a bus, or even on a park bench. You’ll have to be sure that however you’ve set up your advertisement, it needs to be a strong message. A strong message has much higher chances of bringing in new customers as well as keeping the old ones.
  2. The second thing for any business owner to know that wants to stick out and be ahead of the competition, is that your customers want to know what’s in it for them. What extra benefits does your product, or your services provide? A good way to go about this is to just list your products and services, making it easy for them to know exactly what it is that you can do, and therefor, they see what’s in it for them. You should list what it is that each of these products or services are for, explain it briefly but descriptively as to leave no confusion with the customer, and to wrap up how to list your products or services in a way that will grab the customers attention, potentially bringing in more business, is to explain the use and benefits of each product or service listed. This way, they see clear as day what’s in it for them, and will be more inclined to do business with you in place of any surrounding competition.


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