Wedding Surprises From Friends With Drift Show


When planning for a wedding, a lifetime commitment, one should make sure it tops the memorable events of his or her life. Take it to the next level by doing one of the scariest events in life. Make it enjoyable by running away from the traditional church and home receptions.

When someone covers your eyes and takes you somewhere you have no idea of, you get shivers all over your body. Even if you have known them for a while you won’t relax till you’re actually looking at it through your eyes. Most guys hate surprises and will do everything to avoid it.
Most of us in life have met different kind of people and finally learn to stay with them. Some will eventually turn to be those we love and can’t event with live without and others close friends with whom we share secrets and treat them like our brothers and sisters. They make life on earth worthwhile and enjoyable.

On your wedding day, that all time friend comes to you and walks you straight to a clear field near by, no explanation whatsoever. You and your have been blind folded and when the time comes you are welcomed by a very big crowd in a drift event. Everywhere you turn is full of cars an enthusiastic drivers ready to roll.

The first driver is flagged off , the second and in ten seconds the smoke from the tires fills the entire area and camera man rush to takes memorable video and photo’s . The speed of the cars is amazing and each of the drivers struggling to show their skills. Surprisingly all the drivers are your high school friends. They have named their cars after your ex-girlfriends.

The crowd urges you to go and get into one of the cars and show them what you have got. Your lovely wedded wife asks, “Honey, you mean you know to drift?



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