4 Reasons Laughter is Good for Your Health


There are a lot of reasons to laugh these days. Laughter is a simple human response that comes with plenty of benefits. Even in small doses, laughter can help improve your overall health.

Laughing often creates positive effects not just on your health and well being but also on your relationships with other people.

Many doctors suggest laughter to be a part of one’s everyday living because of the many wonders it can do for your health. In fact, laughter therapy is being used to treat patients suffering from stress, depression and chronic illnesses. Patients are even encouraged to laugh together, which helps to forge harmonious relationships among one another.

Doctors have found that actually laughter therapy does help to burn calories, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation,relax muscles and reduce pain. laughter have also been proven to improve immune system by which it increase the T-cells in the body. These cells keep the body strong by fighting any harmful bacteria.

Laughter acts as a natural upper. The reason behind this is because it increasesendorphins which are the hormones responsible for giving you happiness. This release of endorphins in the body can make you feel good.

Laughter lowers stress and makes you feel more energized. It also keeps your emotions high which allows you to see things in a positive perspective. Moreover, research shows that laughter comes with anti-aging properties. so the more you laugh, the younger you tend to look and feel.

In addition, laughter have been found to sharpen the mind, as it increases levels of catecholamines, which are responsible for improved mental function.

Laugh often, Live well

If you rarely laugh, or find yourself being deprived of laughter, then it’s high time to let loose. There are a lot of simple ways to get your everyday dose of laughter. The best part is that these do not cost you much at all.

For one, learn to laugh at yourself. While some people think this is to be rather a crazy idea, you will be amazed to find the huge difference of being able to laugh at yourself. Laugh at your own little quirks, your mistakes and even your problems. This may be difficult for some. However, laughing at yourself is a matter of loosening up and being able to look at the brighter side of things even under stressful situations.

The benefits of laughter is indeed no laughing matter at all. By getting into laughter therapy, you pave your way to a healthier and happier life. So laugh much to live well.



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