Watch Man Snowboarding in NYC During the Blizzard Storm


What you’d do on a snow day in New York? The best guess would be to chill in your home as a safety measure. If you think all will do the same, just have a look at this video.

The snow has covered almost everything on the NYC streets. The thick white snow sheet has covered the streets. But look at this guy! During this time of the year when everyone cringes to go on the road, he has used snow to his advantage. He’s using the blizzard storm to have some fun. When life gives you snow, make the most of it by snowboarding. He’s exactly doing the same.
The vehicle is moving ahead piercing the snowy roads, and the guy along with his snowboard is enjoying the unfriendly conditions. Why go on a ski resort in Maine when you can enjoy right away in NYC? This is just perfect example of turning the hostile weather on its head. Watch the onlookers as he is snowboarding in the new York streets. He seems so jovial, and is enjoying his day in the blizzard storm.

The vehicle moves across the snow-covered lanes of NYC, and this guy is right behind the vehicle all the time. He meets few girls on the way, and teaches them few of his tricks. He’s indeed spreading warmth in the cold environs. Look at the girl when she snowboards with him for a while.

Later, one more joins the fun and now the vehicle has two snowboarders showing their antics in the snow. The onlookers are watching in awe, and few of them take out their cell phones to capture the fun-filled moment.
Oh! The guy now holds the the U.S. flag Star Spangled banner in one hand and the rope with the another. Truly, they are making Americans proud. More than that, they are turning the hostile conditions into fun-filled one.

Wohoo! The speed of the vehicle has increased and the snowboarders are giving hi-fives to the passing lookers. This video has gone viral, and it should be. We really enjoyed watching the two guys battling out the snow on the streets, and turning them into adventure.



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