Digital Portrait Pizza Delivery Guy Prank !


Our poor pizza delivery guys suffered from this hilarious prank made just for our laughs. It is imaginable how many strange things happen in their everyday work. Going from the stranger’s house to house for your whole shift during the day or during the night can be scary enough.


So, when you walk into an apartment and see hot, smiling girl opening door you can be quite happy, I suppose. But then, small wooden horse starts moving. It is super strange, but maybe some window is open somewhere? The book just slips from the table? Okay , that doesn’t happen so often, what is going on in here? And where is that girl, she should be back with money already? And then, beautiful portrait of a woman becomes crazy, scary, screaming zombie ???


Of course it is ever so funny to watch the reaction of people in this kind of situations. Well, at least it is fun for us, safe by our laptops. And the prank continues as the girl doesn’t believe them or, in some cases, convinces them that they are actually in real danger, and that they should run!


My personal favorite is this older, chubby guy who drops the pizza and can`t find the door knob fast enough! And it is funny how, we she comes back, he manages to keep it a bit cooler, probably reminding himself how stupid he will sound when he tries to explain this impossible situation.


The portrait looks quite convertible, and the sound, oh my god that sound, it made me regret using headphones while watching.


The possibilities are endless, and sweet delivery guys never stood a chance against this digital zombie. I can`t help but think what would my reaction be. I believe I would run the hell out of that house, as far as possible, have an epiphany, eat damn pizza, then quit my job and never speak of it again. What would you do?



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